F3-ZK, also known as Fez was a large loading droid with a gentle personality. One day in 34 ABY, he came to Jakku aboard a droid ship set to scout the planet. However, while exploring the desert of Jakku, Fez fell into a trapping pit set by the local scavenger Teedo. Being trapped in there, he would not be able to reach his ship, which was scheduled to leave in the afternoon. Eventually, another droid, a ball-shaped astromech named BB-8, fell into the trap too. The two droids quickly made friends, and the astromech devised a plan to escape. Noticing a loose panel on the floor of the pit, BB-8 hid and in the dark and asked Fez to hail Teedo. Once he got the scavenger's attention, the labor droid pointed to the loose panel and claimed that BB-8 had attempted to escape and fallen in the hole. Teedo descended into the pit to see for himself, leaned over the opening to peer in. BB-8 then came out of the shadow a-beeping, which startled the scavenger and made him fall. With Teedo trapped, both droids were able to escape thanks to the astromech's liquid cable launcher.[1]

Fez and his new companion started running across the desert toward the Ruins, where the droid ship was to pick up its passengers. Teedo, who had managed to free himself somehow, was on their tails. Along the way, a flock of angry steelpeckers suddenly attacked the droids. Having heard of his friend's important mission for the Resistance, Fez decided to sacrifice himself. Getting the brunt of the steelpeckers' wrath, he yelled at BB-8 to leave him here and complete his mission.[1]

The loading droid managed to fend off the metal-eating birds, and even located the droid ship on his own. When he finally arrived there, Fez had the pleasant surprise to find that BB-8 was there too. Although they were ready for a happy reunion, the disgruntled Teedo appeared, blocking their way to the ship. That time, it was BB-8's turn to sacrifice himself, so he started speeding away from the ship, making Teedo follow him. A grateful Fez made it up the ship's ramp just in the nick of time.[1]



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