The Kuat Drive Yards F7 "Landing Brick" Drop-ship was a landing craft used by the Imperial Military.


The F7 was KDY's attempt to improve upon the MT/191 drop-ship after it acquired Meller & Dax. While longer than the MT/191, the F7 had only a single deck capable of carrying a platoon into combat. It was also even less aerodynamic than the MT/191, earning the F7 its unflattering nickname.

The F7 made up for it by having a larger cargo capacity, superior engines, defensive and offensive systems, as well as a permanent ceramic coating as opposed to the MT/191's VACX. In emergencies the F7 was often pressed into combat air support, though it was more normally used transporting Imperial regular and special forces.


Grand Admiral Thrawn was known to have used F7 Dropships in unconventional attacks as boarding craft against other capital ships.



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