"Today we're going to give you your first chance to show us how helpful you can be to these poor citizens who are burdened with credit vouchers, jewelry, and expensive private comlinks."

F8GN or Eight-Gee-Enn, was a droid owned by Garris Shrike. the Captain of the Trader's Luck. Eight-Gee-Enn was tall and spindly. Originally, he was made from coppery-reddish metal, but had patches everywhere due to so many repairs. Some patches were gold, others steel, and one round silver one on the top of Eight-Gee-Enn's head. He had one green eye and one red lens scavenged from a scrapped droid. Eight-Gee-Enn's speakers were out of tune; his "voice" sounded either very deep, or very shrill.

The job of F8GN was to make sure the children Garris Shrike "rescued" learned to properly pick-pocket. The droid donned street clothes with credit chip-sized objects in the pockets and walked past the children. When they could successfully take the objects without F8GN detecting them, they were deemed ready. Also, F8GN made sure the children begged or stole the quota needed by the end of the day.

Behind the scenesEdit

"I created my own "Fagin" and that's the droid, "F8GN." The name is a dead giveaway, right? <g> And the way the droid talks is a deliberate takeoff on Dickens' famous children's criminal mastermind."
―A. C. Crispin on F8GN's origins[src]

F8GN first appeared in The Paradise Snare, a 1997 novel written by A. C. Crispin as the first book in The Han Solo Trilogy. The droid only appeared when Han Solo thought back on his youth when Garris Shrike used F8GN to oversee Solo and other children he used as beggars and pickpockets.[1] In an interview, A. C. Crispin said that she modeled F8GN after Fagin, the adult leader and teacher of a group of young street thieves in Charles Dickens's novel Oliver Twist.[3] In 2008, F8GN received an entry in Del Rey's The Complete Star Wars Encyclopedia.[4]



Notes and referencesEdit

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