"FeeJee-13! Get us into air—now!'"

The FEG-series pilot droid was a sophisticated droid from Cybot Galactica, designed to be able to make sharp decisions and mimic the creativity of the living pilots. Known for its ability to devise creative piloting maneuvers, the droid performed extremely well and was even known to have outflown living pilots on test runs. Many owners intentionally did not perform memory wipes on their FEG-series droids, allowing them to develop personalities and even further increase their piloting skill.


A FEG-series droid communicating with two Yuuzhan Vong.

The FEG-series pilot droid resembled a basic humanoid form with two arms, two legs and a head attached to a central torso. The droid possessed a heuristic processor that allowed it to make instant decisions and perform creative piloting maneuvers. It had a single photoreceptor and arms that ended in grips instead of Human-like hands. The droid was also armed with a blaster pistol and equipped with a vocabulator that allowed it to communicate in Basic or binary languages.[1]

Cybot Galactica designed the FEG-series to mimic the creativity of the living pilots, intending them to pilot starships traveling through dangerous space corridors or performing stealthy penetration into hostile territory. As a result, FEG-series droids were more sophisticated than most automated pilot droids available on the market. Typically painted in a bright mix of black, gold, and red colors, the droid cost 4,100 credits.[1]


FEG-series droids had shown extremely good performance and an exceptional ability to adapt to rapidly changing circumstances. There were known cases where they had outflown living pilots during test runs. The customers were satisfied with the model and many of them deliberately did not perform memory wipes on the FEG-series, allowing the droids to develop personalities that would make them capable of even more creative piloting. Some owners even developed long-standing relationships with their droids, treating them like partners rather than property. As a result, many of those droids became aware of Cybot Galactica's marketing campaign of their model and developed a certain arrogance regarding their piloting skills.[1]

One FEG-series droid, known as FEG-13 or FeeJee-13, was owned by the Feeorin pirate Rav. FeeJee-13 piloted Rav's starship when he ran into a trouble with a Jedi on Roon, and the droid's quick actions allowed Rav and the young Jariah Syn to escape the site of engagement.[2]

Behind the scenes[]

A FEG-series pilot droid first appeared in the twenty-sixth issue of Star Wars: Legacy, written by John Ostrander, penciled by Jan Duursema and colored by Brad Anderson.[2] Its backstory was later expanded and the droid model was identified by name in the Legacy Era Campaign Guide supplement to the Star Wars Roleplaying Game by Wizards of the Coast.[1]



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