FG36 was a Separatist nanovirus created by Ovolot Qail Uthan during the Clone Wars to kill clone troopers, soldiers created from the genome of Jango Fett.

Omega Squad captured Uthan on Qiilura before she completed her virus; it had not yet been narrowed down to one particular genome that the soldiers had, that other beings did not: accelerated aging. After her capture, Chancellor Palpatine acquired several samples of the virus.

Later, in 19 BBY, after the rise of Galactic Empire, Uthan's homeworld of Gibad did not comply with the Empire's demands. Palpatine then ordered the FG36 samples he had kept to be released onto the planet, killing every being that was exposed to it. Uthan later created an antigen to it and with the help of Kal Skirata and his boys spread it around Mandalore, making the planet immune to the virus.


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