"I am programmed for absolute loyalty to the House of Malreaux which I have served through madness and war for twelve generations."
Fidelis, Tac-Spec Footman droid from Vjun[src]

The FIII Footman Droid was a highly-advanced model of combat and servant droid that was manufactured by the Tac-Spec Corporation for the House of Tund on the planet Vjun several centuries prior to the outbreak of the Clone Wars.


They were programmed to be absolutely loyal to their buyers, along with protocol, assassin, bodyguard and soldier functions. They were also very upgradeable, and the two most well-known Footman droids, Fidelis and Solis, were equipped with many rare and expensive tools and weapons throughout their operational history. They were also surprisingly strong, able to shatter limbs and even punch through a being's chest with relative ease and featured miniature rail cannons on the ends of their right arms. While not fighting, the droids worked as chefs, waiters, and chauffeurs.


The footman droid Fidelis served the House Malreaux on Vjun for twelve generations, until he and Solis were destroyed beneath the Malreaux castle in a standoff with Asajj Ventress while on mission with Yoda and Whie Malreaux during the Clone Wars. Fidelis proudly wore the Malreaux checkerboard of ivory and blood on his torso, with blood piping marks on his limbs.


Behind the scenesEdit

The Malreaux checkerboard resemble the coat of arms of Croatia. It's commonly known as Šahovnica ("chessboard", from šah, "chess" in Croatian) or grb (literally coat of arms).


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