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"You ordered the cream of fleek eel, right? Careful, hon, the plate's hot. And the fleek eels bite."

FLO, also known as WA-7, was the name of a unicycled service droid in Dex's Diner on Coruscant.


She featured a built-in order transmitter that kept her in touch with the kitchen at all times. A paired set of repulsor stabilizers helped her maintain balance as she went around her customers. She disliked low tippers, and was often seen flirting with the dishwasher unit.


WA-7 waitress droid

FLO in Dex's Diner.

FLO competed with the Human waitress, Hermione Bagwa, while both worked for Dexter Jettster.

In 18 BBY after Dex was forced underground, FLO helped Curran Caladian and Keets Freely, two members of "The Erased", escape from the Galactic Senate holding room. The droid delivered a blaster in a pot of liquid, along with two mugs and veg turnovers. As Keets grabbed the hidden blaster, FLO threw the serving tray at Zackery's head and allowed Keets to knock him out with the butt of the blaster. The trio then split up and escaped from the Senate building.

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Susie Porter, who portrayed Hermione Bagwa, delivered the dialog seen in the film both for Bagwa and FLO, but it was only FLO who ended up with all the lines in the final film script.[1]

FLO is also a non-playable character in LEGO Star Wars: The Video Game. She only rolls around the main room, and can be attacked, but has infinite health.


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