The FLR Logger, also known as the FLR-series Logger Droid and the Lumberdroid, was an environmental droid designed by Industrial Automaton for the Greel Wood Logging Corporation. Greel trees' crimson timber was highly sought after in the upmarket world of the vain and wealthy. However, Pii III and Pii IV were the only two planets in the galaxy able to support greel trees. Pii IV's rolling terrain was perfect for the lumber droids. However, its popularity quickly spread, and it was soon used to cut all kinds of trees across the galaxy.

History[edit | edit source]

An FLR Logger droid

Industrial Automaton's original design for the FLR Logger was not liked by various officials from various tree-cutting companies. Industrial Automaton wanted to please everyone, so they made a new design, which pleased no one. But it got the job done.

The Lumber droid was slow, constantly breaking down, and extremely difficult to repair. Nevertheless, it was still used by various planets. The machine had two arms, a huge build, and two retractable visual receptors. It stood two meters tall. Both arms had saws under them: one was used to cut through undergrowth, the other to cut trees. If the droid was damaged, an emergency siren would alert sentients in the area.

The droid sported a probability projection computer which allowed it to electronically compute how, when, and where a tree would fall.

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