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"FN-2003 must stand or fall on his own. If he stands, the Order is strengthened. If he falls, the Order is spared his weakness."
―Captain Phasma[5]

FN-2003, nicknamed "Slip," was a First Order stormtrooper who served in the decades following the Galactic Civil War. He served under FN-2187 and was considered the weakest link of their group, and his ineptitude was symbolically used in a speech by Captain Phasma to 2187, in which she reinforced that the weakness of individuals contributed to the potential weakness of the First Order as a whole. Despite his failures, Slip continued to serve on the front lines until an assault on the village Tuanul on Jakku, thirty years after the Battle of Endor.


FN-2003 was a stormtrooper who served in the First Order in the decades after the Galactic Civil War. He frequently fell behind the rest of his team, led by FN-2187, during their training simulations, leading to his nickname of "Slip." FN-2187 often had to rescue Slip in those simulations, including in one where the team assaulted a New Republic bunker with the objective of destroying a heavy repeating blaster. Slip was reprimanded by Captain Phasma after the simulation ended, and Phasma further ordered FN-2187 to stop rescuing Slip. As Phasma explained, Slip was the weakest link and helping him would weaken the First Order. During a strike at Pressy's Tumble, Slip redeemed himself in Phasma's eyes by executing an Abednedo negotiator.[5]

During a First Order raid on a sacred village on the planet Jakku, Slip was hit by blaster fire from Poe Dameron. FN-2187 went to help his squadmate, but FN-2003's wound proved fatal, Slip wiping his bloody hand on FN-2187's helmet before dying. His sudden and violent death contributed to FN-2187's decision to escape from First Order service.[2][3]

Behind the scenes[]

FN-2003 first appeared in the 2015 film Star Wars: Episode VII The Force Awakens.[3] He was not named in the film itself, only in the novel Before the Awakening, written by Greg Rucka and released the same day as the movie.[5] FN-2003's appearance in The Force Awakens was confirmed in the Star Wars: The Force Awakens: The Visual Dictionary.[2] He was portrayed by Pip Andersen in the film, listed in the end credits as "Lead Stormtrooper."

Although FN-2003 was killed by blaster fire from Poe Dameron in the film,[3] the film's novelization depicts FN-2003 being killed by blaster fire from one of the villagers.[7]


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