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The FX-6 medical assistant droid was the finest of Medtech Industries' FX-series of medical droids, raising the bar on the art of surgical multitasking. Designed as an assistant, it was capable of performing full doctor operations when necessary, even though patients often complained about its lack of compassion.

The FX-6 was part of a series of droids nicknamed the "Fixit" series. The line ultimately included nine models before MedTech closed its doors, and the FX-6 was one of the more versatile models. It was designed during the Clone Wars to act as a mobile, autonomous, skilled medical assistant to field medics, fighting on the front line. The Grand Army of the Republic was even known to drop FX-6 droids into the areas where fighting was planned or already going on to provide additional medical aid to clone trooper forces.

During the first day of the Galactic Empire, an FX-6 droid at the Emperor Palpatine Surgical Reconstruction Center became instrumental in the reconstruction of Darth Vader.

Unlike many others FX-droids who are immobile, FX-6 had a strong sense of balance and could move over almost any reasonable terrain. Though capable of stabilizing a patient and administering a wide range of medical care, the lack of sophisticated personality programming had forever delegated the FX-6 to a medical assistant role. The FX-6 even lacked a vocoder; it instead communicated through readout screens or direct links to other droids and computers.

The FX-6's head was lined with sophisticated sensor arrays that gathered vital information about a patient's health. This data was funneled and stored through a complex analysis processor, allowing the mobile FX-6 to keep dynamic records of hundreds of patients, making it a mainstay in crowded hospitals and battlefield RMSUs. This model was eventually replaced with FX-7 and later 2-1B.

Behind the scenes[]

"The Polis Massans were designed as very benign. Since we'd be cross-cutting, I wanted these to look like a kid's worst nightmare."
Ryan Church on the design of FX-6[src]

As its name implies, the FX-6 droid was modeled after a similar FX-7 droid developed for The Empire Strikes Back. While the FX-7 was built practically and was mostly immobile, the FX-6 was computer-generated, allowing it a greater range of movement and animation.[1]



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