The Hutt crime lord Voontara Fa'athra lived in a palace in the Eastern Grime region of the planet Nal Hutta during the Cold War. The palace contained many of the usual amenities of Hutt residences: A throne room, guest rooms, and a beast pit; however, it was not suited to entertaining visitors like Nem'ro's Palace, having no cantina and being off-limits to all but Fa'athra's men.


During the Cold War, the palace was heavily protected by Fa'athra's forces, but was infiltrated by several bounty hunters, including the future Grand Champion of the Great Hunt, who killed his rival Rarsk and the Republic scientist Albea deep in the structure's interior.

An agent of the Sith Empire also infiltrated the palace, acquiring a holodisc with which to falsify evidence that the Republic was involved in the assassination of Karrels Javis, a lieutenant of Suudaa Nem'ro. With this holodisc, the agent was able to convince Nem'ro to side with the Empire.



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