"I could have told them not to swim up current against Faa-Char."
―Gial Ackbar, on Faa-Char in The Rebel Files[src]

Faa-Char was a Mon Calamari individual that served as the commander of the Mon Cals. Although the Alliance to Restore the Republic had a good relationship with the Mon Cals, the Rebel Alliance was not yet able to convince the bulk of the Mon Cals to join the fight against the Galactic Empire.[1]

Due to the actions of Raddus and his Mon Cal refugees, the Empire believed that the entire Mon Calamari species was treasonous. Faa-Char and the Mon Cals were included in a report that was in The Rebel Files that would be uncovered years later by the Resistance. When reviewing the files, Admiral Gial Ackbar left a note on Faa-Char.[1]


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