Fable Astin was a female Human Jedi Knight who served in the Rebel Alliance during the Galactic Civil War. She was one of the few Jedi to grow up during the reign of the Galactic Empire. Around the time of the Battle of Yavin, Astin apprenticed herself to the notorious Inquisitor Adalric Brandl. It was during this time that Astin fell in love with Adalric's son Jaalib. After training with Adalric, Astin returned to service in the Rebellion.

Biography[edit | edit source]

Young life[edit | edit source]

"I was only a baby, but I remember it well. Living with a Jedi, you learn to hide your emotions, especially the hurtful ones."
―Fable Astin[src]

Fable Astin was born to a Jedi Knight around the time when the Galactic Empire was established by Emperor Palpatine. Astin's mother fell in love with her Padawan, and the two conceived a young girl strong in the Force. Unfortunately, shortly after this, Astin's father was killed by a rival when Astin was still just a baby. The remainder of Astin's young life was spent on the run from the Empire. It was during this time that Astin developed a talent for hiding her emotions of fear and sadness. As an adolescent, Astin picked up a lightsaber and began to practice with it. Astin's mother was duly surprised having found herself unable to sense her young daughter's feelings.

From that moment on, Astin's training began, and she was schooled in the art of Jedi meditation and several other remedial Force powers. Eventually, Astin joined the Rebel Alliance assisting in sabotage missions against the Empire.

Life as a Rebel[edit | edit source]

"Your objective is very clear, Captain."

Fable mourns the loss of her friend and comrade, Arecelis Acosta.

Fable Astin's service in the rebellion eventually led to her promotion to captain and command of her own ship, the Prodigal. Astin was in charge of the Harrier Infiltration Team, a special ops team composed of herself, Deke Holman, and Tech Officer Arecelis Acosta. Around the time of the Battle of Yavin, Astin's team was ordered by Commander Beatonn to destroy a communications bunker in construction on Nysza III. The three team members loaded a backpack full with thermal detonators and made their way into the bunker through a construction tunnel. The plan was to drop the detonators in a pre-planned position and escape before the timed explosion.

As the team entered the bunker, they discovered a lack of security and easily made it to the checkpoint. After this, the plan fell apart. Vialco, a Dark Jedi assigned with protecting the bunker, killed Arecelis and engaged Astin in a duel. Vialco was much more skilled and was able to play on Astin's fears. The duel abruptly ended with Vialco Force pushing Astin across the bunker's inner chamber. Astin ordered a retreat, and she and Deke were able to escape by crawling through a construction tunnel full of stagnant water. The bunker was destroyed and the duo fled offworld to the planet of Iscera.

Nightmares on Iscera[edit | edit source]

"He's coming for me. To turn me to the dark side. And there's nothing I can do to stop him!"
―Fable Astin about Vialco[src]

Grieving over their dead friend, Astin and Deke waited on Iscera for their next orders. To keep their minds off the recent tragedy, Deke grabbed tickets to a local play, For the Want of an Empire. Although initially skeptical of what a small planet like Iscera had to offer in terms of theater, Astin became captivated by the leading man. Jaalib Brandl's acting was flawless and Fable was enthralled to see how he handled a prop sword with such skill and poise. Astin hurried to meet the young actor after the play, but Jaalib was hurrying off-world and their meeting was brief.

Astin and Deke returned to their ship, and that's when the nightmares began. Vialco began to penetrate Astin's dreams in an effort to turn her to the dark side. The nightmares would replay her failure in Nysza III and the death of Arecelis. One dream in particular became so vivid that Astin burned herself with her own lightsaber. Astin decided she needed further training to defend against Vialco's attacks, and was reminded of Jaalib's skill with a sword on stage. After a database search by Deke, Astin learned that Jaalib's father was the Inquisitor Adalric Brandl. Astin decided to seek out Adalric and ask for him to train her.

Training on Trulalis[edit | edit source]

"You shouldn't have come here!"
Jaalib Brandl on Trulalis[src]

Fable trains with Adalric on Trulalis.

The database search also revealed the current home of Jaalib, the remote planet of Trulalis. Borrowing an X-wing on Iscera, Astin traveled through hyperspace to Trulalis while still being assaulted by dark side dreams of Vialco. Astin landed on Trulalis and made her way on foot to the Kovit settlement. At the small town, Astin saw evidence of the carnage that had killed the town years before, but beyond that was an enormous black, blaster-scored amphitheater. Astin felt drawn to the building and inside she found Lord Adalric and his son Jaalib practicing lines from the play Uhl Eharl Khoehng. Jaalib was the first to see the young woman, and he became furious, grabbing Astin and trying to lead her back to her ship. However, Adalric had other ideas, and he stopped his son with a light touch on the shoulder.

Adalric agreed to train Astin, and her first lesson involved training in lightsaber combat. The training consisted of a series of cadences in which one manipulated small ball bearings placed atop tall candle wicks. This technique had been developed by Vo'ren Faalo, and Astin initially excelled at the exercise. Unfortunately, when Adalric upped the difficulty level, Astin faltered and was unable to perform the exercise. Adalric became furious with Astin, ridiculing her for her weaknesses and inability to perform up to his standards.

It was in this situation that Jaalib began to take pity on the poor girl, shielding her from his father's attacks and always preparing her a hot bath and meal after she had endured his father's vicious verbal assaults. One day, Adalric left Trulalis on business, and Jaalib offered to take Astin on a picnic. She was relieved to finally have a break from the exercise, and eagerly followed Jaalib to the Khoehng Heights. Under the towering mountain, Jaalib explained Astin the story of Uhl Eharl Khoehng and gave her tips to pass his father's difficult training. The picnic also had another unexpected effect: Astin realized she was in love with Jaalib, and the two began a secret relationship.

Betrayal and escape[edit | edit source]

"I have set your place at the Emperor's table. Soon, I shall again stand at my master's side and you shall stand beside me."
Adalric Brandl[src]

As Fable Astin improved in the exercise, her relationship with Jaalib began to blossom. Unfortunately, Adalric discovered the love they had for one another and disapproved. He arranged for Jaalib to be taken to Iscera to prepare for the production of Uhl Eharl Khoehng. Adalric then arranged for Vialco to come to Trulalis to engage in a final duel with Astin. Adalric was planning to return to the Emperor and use Astin as a gift to get back into the Emperor's good graces.

Fable duels Vialco on the plains of Trulalis.

Astin was forced into a rematch of her previous duel with Vialco. The Dark Jedi tried to use his techniques to bring out the fear in the young Jedi, but he found that his method no longer worked. Vialco became furious and began to use Force lightning to push Astin back. Astin was able to rally, and using the training that her master had taught her, Astin deflected the lightning and disarmed Vialco and leaving him lying on the grass helpless.

To complete her fall to the dark side, Adalric ordered that she kill her unarmed opponent, but Astin hesitated, unwilling to murder Vialco. Suddenly, Astin saw Vialco reach for his lightsaber, and she quickly beheaded her opponent. However, she suddenly realized that Vialco's lightsaber was lying meters away, untouched since the time she had disarmed him. Adalric had created an illusion to force her hand. Astin was furious with her master, but Adalric was unapologetic. Adalric locked her in her quarters and made plans to take her to Byss to be turned by the Emperor himself.

Adalric's plans were thwarted when Jaalib, realizing what his father planned to do, returned to Trulalis and freed Astin. Jaalib had also notified Deke, and he flew the Prodigal to the small world to rescue his commander. Jaalib's efforts got Astin aboard her ship, just as a massive rainstorm began to blanket the Kovit settlement. Astin watched out the window as her former master began to Force choke his young son. Deke entered hyperspace, and the two returned to the Rebellion.

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  1. Empire was formed 19 BBY and she was born around the time the Empire formed
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