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The mother of Fable Astin was a female Human Jedi Knight who managed to survive Order 66.

Biography[edit | edit source]

She fell in love with her Padawan shortly before the formation of the Galactic Empire, and the two conceived a baby girl strong in the Force whom they named Fable. Shortly after this, Fable's father was killed by a rival (possibly because the Jedi had been denounced as traitors).

The remainder of Fable's young life was spent on the run from the Empire. It was during this time that Fable developed a talent for hiding her emotions of fear and sadness. As an adolescent, Fable picked up a lightsaber and began to practice with it. Fable's mother was duly surprised, having found herself unable to sense her daughter's feelings.

From that moment on, Fable's training began, and she was schooled in the art of Jedi meditation and several other remedial Force powers. Eventually, Fable joined the Rebel Alliance assisting in sabotage missions against the Empire.

Appearances[edit | edit source]

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