"Factor H may be frustrating to those who track aberrance rates, but I predict our combat trainers will find a strong correlation between deviations from behavioral patterning and effectiveness on the battlefield."
Hali Ke, senior research geneticist of Kamino, 21 BBY[src]

Factor H was the intangible Human variable that Kaminoan scientists noticed while creating the Grand Army of the Republic. The Kaminoans noted that their clone troopers began to show signs of individual characteristics, despite their genetics theoretically being physically, mentally, and emotionally identical. Puzzled and feeling that this ruined the theory of the perfect clone, they deemed this quirk a negative factor and attempted to terminate all their supposed failures. However, they were stopped when Jango Fett, with the support of senior research geneticist Hali Ke, suggested that such displays of individuality and unpredictability would make clone troopers more effective, not less.


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