"Currently only a single Jedi can be appointed Grand Master at any one time. I am quite happy to hold the title, so I trust you younger ones will indulge me if I don't announce plans to relinquish it anytime soon."
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Fae Coven was a female Jenet Jedi Master and the Grand Master of the Jedi Order following the Ruusan Reformations, serving until her death sometime after 896 BBY. The Master of the Order, Coven was usually stationed at the Coruscant Jedi Temple in the years proceeding the Reformations. Among her many contributions to the Jedi Order during her years of service was her authorship of the Temple guidebook titled, The Jedi Path: A Manual for Students of the Force. With several contribution authors, Master Coven's work would be printed in three editions and copies were passed down from Master to Padawan for several generations.

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"As a Jedi, you must be faithful to the spirit of the Code. Every day you must ask yourself: Do I understand it?"
―Fae Coven[src]

A pink-skinned Jenet Jedi, Coven had been serving the Order for forty some years before joining in the ferocious New Sith Wars. Helping to reorganize the Jedi academy following the defeat of the Brotherhood of Darkness, Coven was elected as the Grand Master that would lead the Order and the Galactic Republic into its Golden Age. Because of inconsistencies in training caused by the war, Coven decided to create a guidebook that set all of the Order's regulations in plain spoken Basic that was available to all Jedi.[1]

In her guidebook, Coven typically began each section, detailing regulations set in place or certain ceremonies to be observed. With the assistance of several fellow Masters, Coven's dream came to fruition and The Jedi Path became a facet in the Order's traditional readings.[1]

While her date of death is lost to history, one of her future successors, a student of the Force known as Yoda, wrote in a volume of her guidebook that he remembered her from his years as an Initiate at the academy. This places her death sometime after the year 896 BBY.[1]

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