The Faithless was a YT-2000 light freighter owned and operated by Luca.


The Faithless was a freighter armed with two double laser cannons, mounted on top and under the saucer section. Since Luca was the only crewmember, the weapons and the ships itself could be operated completely from the cockpit. The Faithless also had cargo compartments for at least two speeder bikes.[2]


The ship was operated by Luca, a spacer and smuggler with ties to the Rebel Alliance. He made supply runs for Wolf Squadron, which operated from Annamar. After the squadron had stolen a piece of the new Death Star, Darth Vader and the Executor were sent to retrieve the piece. Luca and the Faithless were intercepted while they approached the Annamar asteroid field.[2]

Darth Vader forced Luca to help him, infiltrating the asteroid field and destroying the Rebel base. However, while Luca revealed most of the locations and command codes for the Rebel's asteroid laser batteries, he withheld the location of the last set. The Empire's starfighters were destroyed in the ambush and the Faithless was forced to crash-land on the planet. While the Faithless was effectively destroyed, Darth Vader and Luca used the speeder bikes from the freighter to complete the mission.[2]


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