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Bounty hunter Falco Sang owned a starship that he and his assassin droid Izee used when following their targets around the galaxy.

History[edit | edit source]

The starship attached to the backside of an asteroid approaching Imperial Prison ISO-L8, using it as cover before quickly breaking off and boarding before Imperial sensors got a strong reading. Sang and Izee managed to neutralize one of their targets and download some data on their main prize, Jedi fugitive Dass Jennir.

Flying the starship to the desert planet of Prine, where a starship resembling one used by Jennir was supposedly destroyed. There Sang docked his ship and continued his search on foot, or rather from a speeder bike stored in the ship's cargo area.

When Sang returned without Izee after failing to eliminate Jennir, he discovered stormtroopers removing a container from his ship. He was then captured by Darth Vader.

As part of a means to recruit Sang into aiding the Empire kill Jennir, Vader arranged to have Falco Sang's ship brought over to the prison facility. Sang then, acting under advice from Lieutenant Gregg regarding impressing Vader, attempted to attack Vader in a quick duel. Because of the brief duel causing some damage to the ship, Vader had Gregg and Sang fix it up. After receiving intel (supplied secretly by Palpatine) that indicated that Jennir was on the Colonies planet of Kestavel, Vader used Sang's ship to arrive on the Venator-class Star Destroyer Hound, causing the crew some confusion, as they had been expecting Vader's shuttle to arrive.

Appearances[edit | edit source]

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