"I'm not here to surrender. I am here to take possession of Bastion in the name of the Imperial Throne. My Throne."
Emperor Roan Fel[src]

The Fall of Bastion was an event that took place in 137 ABY in which Emperor Roan Fel and his followers took Bastion back from Darth Krayt's loyalists.


"The true emperor, Darth Krayt, has ordered your arrest."
―Lieutenant Kiefer, to Roan Fel[src]

In 130 ABY, Darth Krayt, the leader of the One Sith, had taken the Imperial throne from Emperor Roan Fel following the Sith–Imperial War, where the Empire retook the galaxy from the Galactic Alliance, which was the leading government at the time. Krayt had tried to kill Fel during this hostile takeover, but Fel had replaced himself with a double. Fel became a thorn in Krayt's side, leading guerrilla attacks, similar to what the Rebellion had done almost 150 years ago. Fel could not lead a proper offensive without a major base, so he moved to take Bastion, the former capital of the Imperial Remnant, the government that preceded Fel's Empire.[2]

Changing loyalties[]

"I call upon you, my loyal stormtroopers, to join with me and take back our Empire which you have so long and faithfully served."
―Roan Fel, to the stormtroopers stationed on Bastion[src]

Emperor Roan Fel arrived at the planet aboard a Nune-class Imperial Shuttle, escorted by three of his Imperial Knights, Masters Antares Draco, Ganner Krieg, and Sigel Dare. He was received by Lieutenant Kiefer of the Imperial Army, who ordered him to surrender. However, Fel gave an impassioned speech to the Imperial stormtroopers of the 501st Legion, calling upon them to join him in the fight against the usurper Dark Lord of the Sith. The 501st immediately knelt before their rightful Emperor, thus leaving the service of Krayt's Empire.[2]

Lieutenant Kiefer ordered the stormtroopers to stand, stating that they owed no loyalty to the deposed Emperor. When none of them obeyed him, Kiefer drew his blaster on Fel, intending to execute him. However, Kiefer was quickly shot down under the orders of General Oron Jaeger, commanding officer of the 501st Legion. Jaeger told Fel that his forces were under Fel's command, and the takeover was complete.[2]


"Welcome back sire. Welcome home."
―Oron Jaeger, to Roan Fel[src]

With Bastion under Imperial control, Fel moved to gather his forces against Krayt, hoping to keep his quiet takeover of Bastion a secret to the galaxy, especially to Krayt. However, Krayt, hoping to draw Fel into the open, ordered his personal assassin, Darth Talon, to capture or drive Fel's daughter, Marasiah Fel, to her father.[2] Though his daughter was on the run, Fel ordered his Imperial Knights, especially Draco and Krieg, to keep away from Marasiah. Fel knew that Krayt couldn't find out about Bastion's capture in order for Fel to secretly gather his forces, and if Draco and Krieg rescued Marasiah, Imperial forces would track Draco and Krieg back to Bastion, exposing Fel. Despite this, Draco and Krieg disobeyed Fel, and went to rescue Marasiah on Vendaxa, where she and Astraal Vao, a Twi'lek from the Imperial Mission, were trapped by Talon.[5] Krieg and Draco were able to save them from the Sith with help from Cade Skywalker, the last remaining heir of the Skywalker family. However, the mission revealed Fel's presence on Bastion.[6] This allowed Krayt to send Darth Kruhl on a mission to assassinate Fel, but failed.[7]

Behind the scenes[]

The Fall of Bastion takes place during the third issue of Star Wars: Legacy, during the Broken story arc. It serves as an advancement of the plot, and gives a reason why Draco and Krieg are not allowed to save Marasiah.



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