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"I thought you were out in Atrivis sector, baby-sitting the Outer Rim comm center."
"You're behind the times, Generis fell three days ago."
Wedge Antilles and Pash Cracken[src]

The fall of Generis occurred in 9 ABY as part of the campaign of Grand Admiral Thrawn to recapture the galaxy for the Galactic Empire.[1]

Battle[edit | edit source]

Generis was home to the Outer Rim Communications Center, of distinct strategic importance. As such, Grand Admiral Thrawn himself planned the assault and sent a force composed of his new clone forces. The combination of superior forces and planning ensured victory for the Imperials over the New Republic forces, which included an elite Republic squadron commanded by Pash Cracken. The Imperials won the Communications Center largely intact, as well as gaining control of most of the sector fleet supply depots.[1]

In their retreat, the Republic forces were able to sneak out Travia Chan and her command staff, and deny the Imperials any working ships, but nevertheless suffered an important defeat.[1]

Imperial stormtrooper Grodin Tierce was known to have died in the battle.[4]

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