"You Je'daii couldn't prevent the fall of Ska Gora!"
"No—and many Je'daii fell in that battle."
Volnos Ryo and Rajivari[src]

The fall of Ska Gora was a battle that saw the Infinite Empire of the Rakata species capture the forest world of Ska Gora, one of the Settled Worlds, during their invasion of the Tython system that began in 25,793 BBY. After being repelled from the planet Tython, the Rakata took Ska Gora, and many members of the Je'daii Order died in battle there. In the aftermath of Ska Gora's capture, the other Settled Worlds joined forces with the Je'daii in defense of the Tython system. From Ska Gora, the Rakata then attacked the planet Shikaakwa in 25,792 BBY.[1] The battle on Ska Gora had been predicted many years in advance—in 25,800 BBY, the Je'daii Daegen Lok and Hawk Ryo experienced a Force vision of Ska Gora's conquest in the Chasm on Tython, though the vision drove Lok mad.[2]

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The fall of Ska Gora first appeared in a vision to Daegen Lok in the comic book The Prisoner of Bogan 2, an issue in the Star Wars: Dawn of the Jedi series,[2] and the event was later mentioned in the issue Force War 1 as having actually occurred.[1]


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