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The falumpaset was a large mammal native to the planet Naboo. They roamed the plains, forests and swamps of the planet in large herds, and their distinctive call could be heard for kilometers around. Easily domesticated, falumpasets were popular mounts all over the galaxy. They were, however, known for their stubborn and uncooperative temperament. Wild falumpaset had long shaggy fetlocks to protect against nyorks. They were excellent swimmers. A breed of falumpaset was also native to the jungle world of Onderon. They were gray in color and had dark strips across their back. Bigger enemies included sando aqua monsters breaching the surface of the swamps from the abyssal ocean beneath.

History[edit | edit source]

Wild falumpasets

Because of their great strength, the Gungans used them to pull their Battle Wagons at the Battle of Grassy Plains. In the following victory parade, Boss Rugor Nass rode a falumpaset through the streets of Theed.

Behind the scenes[edit | edit source]

According to information Star Wars Insider got from art designer Terryl Whitlatch, the "notoriously stubborn" falumpaset:

"[May be easily confused with] the fambaa...But the falumpaset is much smaller and mammalian in appearance. When Jar Jar accidentally opens the back gate of a battle wagon and releases a payload of energy balls, the creature pulling the wagon is a falumpaset. 'The falumpaset is like a rhinoceros,' says Whitlach. 'A giant extinct rhinoceros, but without horns. I experimented with legs and like the look of a Clydesdale horse, so the falumpaset has the stocky sturdy legs of a Clydesdale.' Falumpasets don't look much like elephants, but behaviorally they are close kin. Elephants are so intelligent that they have shown evidence of tool-using and sophisticated communication...Falumpasets are as intelligent as elephants, which is both a blessing and a curse to their Gungan trainers, since the creatures are notoriously stubborn."

The falumpaset, along with pikobis and fambaas, are identified as also being a native animal to the planet Onderon in the trivia slideshow for the Star Wars: The Clone Wars episode "A War on Two Fronts."

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