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Fambaas were quadruped amphibians with tough hide[1] that could be found on the planets Naboo and Onderon.[2] They had a tail made out of cartilage, strong joints[3] in pillar-like limbs[1] to handle heavy loads and broad feet with wide toes to increase their stability[3] and stop them sinking into marshes.[1] Biologists surmised that both the fambaas and the falumpasets of Onderon were originally brought there by Naboo merchants, but there was little fossil evidence to back up that hypothesis.[4]

Gungans used faambas to carry deflector shield generators, a saddle and leather girth around their torso to hold the device and a bridle to control the creature's direction.[1] During a fight on Great Grass Plains, faamba with shield generators were deployed with kaadu and falumpasets to support the Gungan Grand Army.[5]

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Original concept sketches of the fambaa depicted them as two-legged dinosaur-like creatures. The four-legged design was approved later, whereupon concept artist Terryl Whitlatch hand-drew its walk cycle to demonstrate to Industrial Light & Magic animators how the animals would move.[6]


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