Family Problems is a mini three-part roleplaying game adventure that appears in Instant Adventures, published by West End Games in December 1996.

Plot summary[edit | edit source]

A group of spacers are contracted by Vee Naaq to "steal" his lover Cera Vixe.

They are approached by Naaq and asked to help liberate Vixe from an upcoming party, offering the promise of a dowry for their assistance. Naaq then arranges for their attendance, and the spacers must acquire sutiable attire. They are met by Boe Vixe, who gives a counter-offer that they leave.

The spacers then arrive at the gala and mingle before proceeding with their plan. As they try to leave with Cera, they are confronted again by Voe. Cera blocks her brother, allowing them to escape. Naaq then signals them to meet them at their ship.

Several hours later, they receive a message from Cera directing them to return to the villa. Once there they are accosted by zobberan hounds. Cera then drops her bags and slides down a rope. During their escape, they are chased by Boe. Her father then tries to stop her.

Appearances[edit | edit source]

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