"The control for the gateway. Activate it. And you can be with your family again."
―Palpatine to Ezra Bridger[5]

"Family Reunion – and Farewell" is the fifteenth and final episode of Star Wars Rebels Season Four, and the final episode of the series overall. They premiered on March 5, 2018.

Official description[]

Ezra and the Ghost crew look to complete their ultimate mission: to liberate Lothal from the clutches of the Empire.[2]

Plot summary[]

Enlisting Pryce[]

At the rebel base on Lothal, Ezra Bridger reflects on an image of his late parents Ephraim and Mira Bridger in the Ghost's top gun turret. He tells them that he knows what he has to do but admits that he is afraid. Ezra adds that his new family, the Spectres, fight so hard and helped him to understand the sacrifices that his parents made. Ezra wishes that his parents could meet with his new family. He tells them that everything he has done and will do began with them. Hera Syndulla overhears Ezra's reflection and tells him that they are bringing Governor Arihnda Pryce up.

Ryder Azadi and Kallus lead the captive Pryce. When Pryce denounces Kallus as a traitor, Kallus counters that the day he betrayed her Empire was the day he finally stopped betraying himself. Pryce responds that he gave up years of service and a promising career to join a band of "failures." Ezra disagrees and enlists her help, telling her that it would be her last act as Governor. He tells her that she is finally going to do the right thing. When Pryce refuses, Ezra whistles for the White Loth-wolf, who immediately bears down upon her, growling and snapping its teeth. Ezra suggests that Pryce transmit the "victory code" to her Imperial allies before flying to the Capital City with the rebels as her "prisoners." Ezra admits that the odds against them are stacked. Pryce relents in return for Ezra calling off the loth-wolf.

Infiltrating the "Dome"[]

The rebels fly to Capital City in two patrol transports. Gregor is skeptical but Rex vouches for Ezra's plan since he is a Jedi. Ezra and Sabine Wren are disguised as scout troopers while Rex is disguised as a stormtrooper. When Ezra looks saddened, Sabine asks what's wrong, Ezra tells her that he knows he can always count on her. Hera contacts the group to let them know their approaching Capital City. Sabine says to head for Platform Zero Delta. Pryce realizes that the rebels are planning to launch the "Dome" and mocks them. Ezra counters that it is a bold plan while Sabine adds that it is a creative one. Kallus demands the landing codes from Pryce and warns that he will check that they are correct. Pryce obliges but retorts that the sooner they land, the sooner they 'will' be prisoners.

The two gunships approach the Dome's executive plat as Pryce issues "Executive Code 627311." An Imperial Navy trooper in the Command center clears Governor Pryce for landing and arranges for security to take the prisoners on the platform. A disguised Ezra and Sabine lead the prisoners out. Kallus is disguised as an Imperial officer in a black uniform and points a gun at Pryce's back. The Stormtrooper Commander tells Ezra they will take it from here. Zeb then breaks free and charges at the blast door. Ezra then attacks the stormtroopers from behind and uses his green lightsaber to chop off their blasters before hurling them aside with the Force.

An Imperial officer orders security to seal the blast doors but Zeb holds it open long enough for him, Sabine, and Ketsu Onyo to get inside. Ketsu works to unlock the door while Sabine and Zeb exchange fire with stormtroopers. Sabine tells Ketsu to jam their comm systems. Outside, Ezra, Kallus, and Melch exchange fire with stormtroopers. Hera and Chopper descend from the gunship and shoot a few stormtroopers down. Hera tells the rest of her team to go. Meanwhile, Ketsu manages to unlock the door and lock down the comm system.

As the rebels enter the base, Hondo Ohnaka issues orders to Melch. Sabine, Ketsu, Hera, and Ezra reach a door, which Ketsu tries to unlock. Meanwhile, in the Imperial command center, the leading officer learns that they can't contact the security detail since their comlinks are jammed. Outside, Hondo informs Ezra that he and Melch are in position. At Hondo's signal, Melch runs and Zeb throws him on top of the transparisteel window above the command center. While the officers are distracted by Melch, Ezra and the other Spectres and Lothal resistance group members storm the command center and force the Imperials to surrender. Having accomplished his mission, Melch slips off the window.

Protocol 13[]

Ezra orders Rex to lock the Imperial prisoners in the Storage bay just as Ryder enters the command center with Governor Pryce and Rex in tow. Pryce tells them that it is only a matter of time before they are discovered and that they have little hope of defeating the Empire. Sabine retorts that defeat is not part of their plan. Kallus explains that their true plan is to lure all Imperial forces on Lothal back to the "Dome" using Protocol 13. Hera explains that this is the Empire's new order to summon Imperial forces back to base for evacuation. Ryder's plan is to launch the Dome once they are inside, ending Imperial rule on Lothal.

Hera also contacts Wolffe back at the rebel base to be ready for a pick-up. Cikatro Vizago and Mart Mattin are loading a container aboard their patrol transport. Mart tells the others that Ezra gave him a special mission. Before he can explain, Rukh leaps out of hiding and attacks them. Before he can shoot Mart, he is attacked by the white loth-wolf. Rukh reclaims the patrol transport and flies away despite the loth-wolf damaging its canopy. Rukh contacts Grand Admiral Thrawn and informs him that the rebels have captured Pryce and have used her codes to infiltrate Imperial headquarters. He admits he doesn't know their plans. Thrawn tells him that he expected Pryce to fail and tells Rukh to get inside and deactivate the shield generator before the rebels lock down the "Dome." He tells Rukh to wait since he is already enroute to Lothal.

Hangar 27

An officer in Hangar 2-7 doubts the reality of the protocol.

Back at the "Dome," Ezra tells Kallus they are ready. Kallus issues Protocol 13 and orders all Imperial forces to report to their action stations immediately. When an officer in Hangar 2-7 notes the irregularity of the order, Ryder poses as Imperial Security Bureau Colonel Wullf Yularen, mimicking his voice, and announces that he is executing "Override Code Base Gamma Zero." The controller is still slightly reluctant, but submits to "Yularen"'s orders out of fear of the ISB and proceeds with Protocol 13. Imperial troops and vehicles enter the Dome's hangars. Rukh arrives in his gunship as the blast doors seal.

In the streets, loud speakers announce that Protocol 13 is now in effect. Kallus then gives orders to secure the Dome. Ezra tells Hera to set the launch cycle and Sabine to prepare the self-destruct mechanism. Hondo asks if they have a way of getting off this "thing." Hera replies that this is when the Ghost comes to pick them up. Zeb says "let's get airborne" but Sabine warns that the thrusters have not been fired in years. Pryce smirks and taunts them that it is too late, just as Thrawn's Imperial Star Destroyer Chimaera arrives above the "Dome."

Facing Thrawn[]

Hera tells the rebels to abort the launch cycle. Ketsu protests, but Hera points out that launching the Dome would cause them to crash into the Chimaera and destroy the entire city. Zeb swears, "Karabast," as he realizes they are trapped. Ezra tells Chopper to put him through to Thrawn via hologram. Ezra tells Thrawn that Governor Pryce is his prisoner and that they have complete control of the Dome, with every trooper, pilot, and officer on Lothal trapped inside. He tells Thrawn to leave Lothal in return for letting the Imperials out without blowing up the Dome.

Thrawn counters that if he wishes to save Lothal, the only term that he will accept is Ezra's immediate and unconditional surrender. When Ezra asks why he should surrender when he holds Thrawn's entire army captive, Thrawn points out that Ezra merely moved the Imperial forces to a safe position so that the Grand Admiral can bombard the civilians of Lothal City without incurring any Imperial casualties. Ezra is horrified. Sabine tells Rex to raise the planetary shield, but Rex reports that the generators are offline.


An Imperial technician disables the planetary shield.

Meanwhile, an Imperial weapons technician under Rukh's leadership disables the deflector shield generator. Sabine realizes there is a manual override as Thrawn tells them that the shield generators are under his control. He then orders the Chimaera's guns to bombard Capital City, destroying several buildings and wounding and killing many civilians. To stop the bombardment, Ezra offers to surrender. Thrawn demands that Ezra come alone and warns that he will resume bombardment and destroy the city and his friends if Ezra attempts any "heroics."

Ezra's choices[]

After Thrawn terminates the transmission, a distraught Ezra walks away. Hera tries to reason with him but he says that he has no choice. Hera counters that there is another way and refuses to let him go. She promises to work things out. Zeb proposes that they charge the Dome's cannons and blow the Chimaera out of the sky. Rex counters that their turbolasers are no match for Thrawn's Star Destroyer. Kallus agrees that they have little chance of success. Amidst the discussion, Chopper secretly opens the ceiling hatchway for Ezra, and Sabine looks at him sadly, guessing his next move.

She then distracts the rest of the rebels by proposing that they study the base's schematics to find a way to raise the shields and take control of the power terminals. Zeb responds that the Imperials are locked in with them. While the other rebels are preoccupied, Ezra sneaks out to the landing bay and boards a patrol transport. Hera decides that for their plan to work they need to stall Thrawn somehow. She calls for Ezra only to hear the transport's engines taking off. Rex and Hera want to stop Ezra but Sabine pleads for them to trust him. She tells them that the best way to help Ezra is to get the shield up.

Since the shield generator room is well guarded, Sabine proposes splitting the rebels into two teams in order to capture both power terminals. Hera approves of Sabine's plan while Chopper reports that stormtroopers are approaching the command center. As the rebels form position at front of the blast door, Pryce taunts them that their "drill" is over.

Guest of Thrawn[]

Meanwhile, Ezra flies his gunship in the Chimaera's hangar bay. He is greeted by several armed stormtroopers, who place him in binders and bring him to Thrawn's quarters. In his quarters, Thrawn compliments Ezra for his "wise" decision to surrender. Ezra counters that he did not have much choice as the stormtroopers exit the room. Thrawn points out that Ezra had the choice of being a Jedi or letting his people die. Ezra notices the helmet of a Jedi Temple Guard on Thrawn's desk. Thrawn tells Ezra that his decision to surrender was predictable due to the Jedi having a long history of choosing what they regarded to be just and morally correct over strategically sound choices.

When Ezra reminds Thrawn that the Jedi survived, Thrawn responds that the Jedi Order once numbered thousands but are now what he describes as a "scattered, frightened lot consisting of poorly trained children" like himself. Thrawn is intrigued by what he regards as the enigma of the Force but opines that the Jedi for all their power lack a vision of how to wield it. Ezra angrily counters that the Force is not a weapon and that Thrawn will never understand that. Thrawn responds that he doesn't have to understand and that it was not his intention to utterly destroy Lothal but that it is inevitable now due to Ezra's actions.

Thrawn shows Ezra his private art collection including a wall covered by Sabine's graffiti. Thrawn describes Sabine as a talented artist before adding "was"; foreshadowing his plan to destroy the rebels. While Thrawn sees himself as saving her legacy, Ezra angrily responds that the has no right to take her art or Lothal. Thrawn calmly responds that who deserves what is irrelevant because all that matters is who has power. Thrawn tells Ezra that this is something the Jedi won't teach him and that he will take Ezra to someone who will.

Guiding Ezra with his arm, Thrawn leads Ezra to a special chamber aboard the Chimaera where they are met by a holographic projection of Emperor Palpatine, who has assumed his "un-scarred" visage prior to his fateful duel with Jedi Master Mace Windu. Palpatine is dressed in fine white robes and gently tells Ezra that he is eager to meet him.

Rebel plans[]

Back at the Lothal rebel base, Mart is woken up by the white loth-wolf, who licks him. Wolffe also regains consciousness and tells Vizago to get up and recalls they were attacked by Thrawn's "pet." Without the help of the wolves, Wolffe admits that they would have been goners. Mart realizes that Rukh has taken their last gunship and has probably warned Thrawn about their attack plan. Mart tells the others that Ezra told him there was a chance that Thrawn would reach the capital before they could carry out their plan.

As they board the Ghost, Mart tells Wolffe and Vizago that Ezra gave him a special mission if that was the case. The wolves watch as the Ghost flies into the sky. Mart explains that Ezra's plan was for their team to fly up to Lothal's upper atmosphere and transmit on Frequency Zero. Wolffe points out that nobody uses that anymore and asks who they are supposed to be contacting. Mart replies that it is more like what and tells him to be ready for a surprise.

Outside the hijacked command center, stormtroopers are preparing to dismantle the door. Melch leaps out of the ceiling hatch and shoots one stormtrooper before leading the rest on a chase. Zeb unlocks the blast door and knocks out the remaining sentry. Zeb and Hondo share jokes while Melch exchanges fire with his pursuers. Hera reminds them about their mission to set up the deflector shield. Sabine tasks Team A (Rex, Hondo, and Ketsu) with taking the north tower's power terminal while Team B (Zeb, Kallus, and Gregor) are assigned to the south tower. She tells them that she will guide them from the command center. When they are alone, Hera tells Sabine that she hopes that Ezra knows what he is doing. Sabine vouches for Ezra.

The Emperor's offer[]

Aboard the Chimaera, Emperor Palpatine tells Thrawn to leave him and Ezra alone. He apologizes that he could not come in person since he has to run the galaxy. Ezra tells the Emperor that he knows who and what he is. The Emperor then asks if Ezra can recognize what is before him, beckoning Ezra towards the structure in the chamber. Ezra recognizes that this is a section of the Lothal Jedi Temple. Palpatine explains that he had a portion of the Lothal Temple moved here stone by stone just for Ezra. When the Emperor feigns bemusement with Ezra's "lack of gratitude," Ezra condemns him for destroying the Temple, imprisoning his people, and murdering his parents.

An apologetic Palpatine responds that it was Ezra who chose to destroy the Temple. He adds that the actions of the rebels require a firm hand to ensure there is order on Lothal. As for his parents, Palpatine offers Ezra "what might have been and what yet may be." Palpatine gestures for Ezra to enter the structure. Ezra sees a light at the end of the structure and hears his mother Mira calling for him. Palpatine tells Ezra that his parents are waiting for him to open the door and rejoin them. He tempts Ezra with the offer of taking up the "life that he deserves."

War on all fronts[]

Meanwhile, Rex, Ketsu and Hondo storm the north tower and shoot two stormtrooper sentries. Ketsu tells Sabine they are in. At that point, Rukh enters the fray with several Death troopers; multiplying the rebels' problems. Hera contacts Zeb's team, who are under attack in Sector 1244. At Zeb's request, Ryder closes Blast door 58-58, giving a rebels a clear path to the shield generators. Meanwhile, Team A battles Death troopers as Sabine reminds them that they need those generators online now. Rex tells them to extend the bridges. In the command center, Chopper tries to access the network terminal but is electrocuted. Sabine tells Rex to find an override panel to activate the shield generator manually. Ketsu admits that she has no idea of how to find it but reiterates that she is going to stay anyway.

Meanwhile, Ketsu finds the manual override hatch, which extends the bridges. Melch soon arrives with a stormtrooper in pursuit but Rex shoots the trooper. Melch takes out the remaining stormtroopers but is struck by a blaster bolt. Hondo is distraught at the potential loss of his friend and shoots the remaining stormtroopers. He chastised his fallen friend and reminds him that he is not a hero but a pirate. In the south tower, Zeb says he has to do something drastic and charges at Rukh despite Kallus' objections. Zeb and Rukh tumble off the platform.

Gregor thinks Zeb is crazy but Kallus points out that it was his idea. The two charge at the Death troopers and take them down. Kallus and Gregor reach the controls but Gregor is shot in the chest by the wounded weapons technician. Rex can only watch in shock from above. Kallus attends to the wounded Gregor, who tells him to get the shield up.

Overcoming temptation[]

Aboard the Chimaera, Ezra approaches the Gateway as his mother Mira tells him that she is baking his favorites. Palpatine tells Ezra the Gateway won't be open forever and to make his decision quickly. Ezra considers his parents offer but realizes that it is a lie since he felt their deaths. Ezra then hears his father Ephraim calling out to him. Palpatine claims that it is possible to change the past and that there are infinite paths, powers, and possibilities. He reiterates his offer.

While Ezra considers his choices, the Emperor claims that so few have been offered the choice he is being given. Ezra is affected by his parents' voices and the Emperor releases his magnetic binders. The Emperor tells Ezra to activate the controls for the Gateway with the promise of reuniting with his family. When Ezra asks about his friends, Palpatine claims that he will see his parents alive again. Ephraim and Mira look at their son. Ezra is tempted but tells his parents that they will always be a part of him but that he has to let them go.

Ezra then uses the Force to tear down the section of the Lothal Jedi Temple while the Emperor screams in rage. Ezra charges at the Emperor's hologram, which flickers and reveals his true, scarred form underneath. The Temple structure collapses, sealing the Gateway. Ezra tells the Emperor he is wrong because he has a new family and doesn't need anything from him. The Emperor says "how unfortunate" as three Royal Guards charge into the chamber. Palpatine orders the guards to destroy him before the hologram fades from the scene. The guards use their Force pikes to lift Ezra into the air, leaving him in a state of agony. They are joined by three stormtroopers, who blast Ezra. Ezra uses the Force to hurl rubble from the Jedi Temple at them.

Shields are up[]

Back on Lothal, Zeb and Rukh fight while navigating through the power conduits of the north tower. Rukh gains the advantage and tries to kick Zeb, who is clinging to a bar with his feet. However, the Lasat uses one of his rear claws to pin Rukh's leg between two metal bars on the conduit. At the bridge of the Chimaera, Thrawn orders all batteries to bombard Capital City. Hera says they are out of time and Sabine comms Teams A and B to be ready to switch back the power. Ketsu says she is ready while Kallus calls for Zeb.

Rukh death

Rukh's final moments.

Zeb, who is on top of the power conduit, tells them not to wait for him. Kallus activates the switch while Zeb leaps to safety. Hera announces that Capital City's shield are up. Thrawn orders the Chimaera to bombard Capital City only to discover that the rebels have engaged the shields. Thrawn contacts Rukh by comlink only to receive Zeb, who taunts him that Rukh is preoccupied and tells him not to bother calling him back. Rukh screams in agony as he is electrocuted to death.

At the command center, Sabine checks on Chopper, who reboots. Sabine tells a groggy Chopper to contact the Ghost for a pick-up. In the south tower, Hondo laments letting Melch down only to discover that Melch was stunned. Hondo celebrates with Melch. Meanwhile, Kallus and Rex attend to the mortally wounded Gregor, who tells Rex that it was an honor to serve with him. Gregor adds that it was an honor to fight with Rex for something that they chose to believe in. Rex consoles Gregor, who dies in his arms.

Hour of the Purrgil[]

"Get Captain Pellaeon."
"Sir, they came out of hyperspace! I've never seen…"
―Grand Admiral Thrawn and Pellaeon encounter the purrgil over Lothal — (audio) Listen (file info)[5]

The Purrgil prepare to get Thrawn and Ezra into the Unknown.

Above Capital City, Ezra forces his way onto the bridge of the Chimaera and takes out two of Thrawn's death troopers. He tells Thrawn that he has lost but the Grand Admiral thinks that it is only a momentary lapse. One of the crew members informs Thrawn that "several unidentified objects" have entered Lothal's orbit and destroyed the blockade. Thrawn contacts Captain Gilad Pellaeon, who reports that they came out of hyperspace before he is silenced. Ezra tells Thrawn to take a look as the Ghost charges with a pod of purrgil at the Chimaera.

Purrgil attack

The Purrgil destroy the 7th Fleet and the blockade above Lothal

Mart jokingly asks Wolffe if he would have believed him if he told him that the purrgil were Ezra's plan. Wolffe says that it has Bridger written all over it, and Vizago adds "that's why it's gonna work." The Chimaera and two other Star Destroyers deploy TIE fighters but are unable to stop the onslaught of the purrgil. The purrgil rip through the Star Destroyers and TIE fighters as Lothal's citizens watch in amazement. Ezra faces Thrawn and his stormtroopers alone on the bridge of the Chimaera.

Thrawn warns that whatever happens next will happen to both of them; Ezra says it should be that way. Tentacles burst through the transparisteel viewpoints and grab several stormtroopers. Ezra uses the Force to push Thrawn towards a tentacle, which grabs him. Sabine contacts Ezra to ask if the purrgil were part of his plan, to which he confirms and tells her he wanted it to "be a surprise." Several stormtroopers storm the bridge but Ezra uses the Force and a blaster to force them back. Thrawn breaks free and tries to shoot Ezra with his blaster pistol but the boy hurls him against a transparisteel viewpoint with the Force. A second wave of stormtroopers tries to enter the bridge but Ezra seals the blast doors.

Thrawn about to take a ride

The Chiss Grand Admiral goes into the unknown with Ezra Bridger.

The purrgil grab the Chimaera with their tentacles and start to glow with blue light. Hera and Sabine realize that the purrgil are going to jump into hyperspace. Hera orders Ezra to leave but he tells her that he needs to see it through to the end. A tentacle grabs Thrawn and begins to constrict him. Sabine pleads with Ezra to follow Hera's orders and get out, but he says that he can't do that. Thrawn growls in pain and rage. Ezra tells the other rebels that it is up to them and to remember that the Force will always be with them. The purrgil disappear with the Chimaera into hyperspace as the Spectres, the other rebels, and Pryce watch in shock.

Liberating Lothal[]

The silence is interrupted by Wolffe, who asks if that was part of the plan. He adds that there are no Imperial ships left in the space above Lothal. Sabine realizes that this is their chance, and orders Chopper to prime the Dome's thrusters for launch. Hera requests an immediate pick-up from Mart. Chopper gets to work and the Imperial Complex launches from Capital City. Ryder tries to reconcile with Pryce and offers her a chance to escape with them. She defiantly responds that she serves the Empire to the end, just as stormtroopers burst into the command center.

The rebels and stormtroopers engage in a brief gun battle as they retreat. Chopper throws Ezra's lightsaber to Sabine, who uses it to cut through the viewport so that the rebels can escape onto the landing bay upstairs. The rebels climb up the top of the command center just as the Ghost flies past and strafes the stormtroopers, causing them to fall down the viewport. The Ghost does a second pass and lands at the executive landing bay. The rebels board the Ghost and fly away from the rising Imperial Complex.

Once safely airborne, Sabine activates the detonators she has planted inside the Dome while adding, "For Kanan and Ezra." The Dome's thrusters explode. Defiant to the end, Pryce stands in the command center as she is consumed by the blast. The Dome explodes in Lothal's upper atmosphere, sending debris raining down. On the Ghost, Hera tells Rex to bring out every star chart along Ezra's last known trajectories. Chopper then beeps as a pre-recorded hologram transmission of Ezra appears in front of them.

He explains that there were several paths ahead in front of him. While Ezra admits that this was not his preferred path, he says he had to do it because that was something Kanan taught him. He tells Zeb he can have the top bunk back for now. Ezra tells Hera that he left a meiloorun fruit in her cabin, assuming that they are still her favorite. He tells Sabine not to forget, he's counting on her, and he adds that they were the best family he could wish for and he looks forward to come home one day, ending the message. Sabine, Hera, and Zeb were wondering what he means by that last thing he said. Rex warns that the Empire won't let them keep the planet and that they need to prepare to fight back. Kallus hopes that the Rebel Alliance will see their victory and finally send support.

However, Zeb reckons that they don't need the Rebel Alliance as they hear the roar of the crowd from Capital City. The Ghost flies over Capital City's streets while several citizens take the remaining Imperial stormtroopers and their officers into custody. Kallus observes that the people are with General Syndulla, who replies that if the Empire wants a fight, they'll be ready.

Sabine's epilogue[]

"The attack we all anticipated never came. The once invincible Empire had begun to fracture. The small Rebellion had become bold. And with the decisive victory at the Battle of Endor, the Emperor's reign of terror came to an end. After the war, Zeb took Kallus along the secret hyperspace path to the planet Lira San. It was then Kallus realized he hadn't destroyed the Lasat people, and that they were thriving on this new world. A world where he was welcomed as one of them. Hera fought in the Battle of Endor, as did Commander Rex. By that time, there had been a new member added to the crew of the Ghost. Spectre-Seven, Jacen Syndulla. Born to fly, just like his mother. And well, we all know what his father was like. As for me, I used to think that Ezra was counting on me to protect Lothal, the planet and the people he cared for so much. But one day, I realized there was more to it. There was something else I was meant to do. Ezra's out there somewhere, and it's time to bring him home."
―Sabine Wren[5]

At Ezra's former "roost," Sabine gazes at the new Capital City as two X-wing starfighters and a T-6 shuttle fly past. Several years have passed and Sabine reflects that the attack they anticipated never came. She recalls that the once mighty Empire began to fracture and that the Emperor's reign came to an end after the Battle of Endor. She mentions that after the War, Zeb took Kallus to the secret hyperspace path that led to the planet Lira San. It was then that Kallus realized that he did not destroy the Lasat people and that they were thriving on this new world. Kallus was accepted by the Lasat and went to live there.

Sabine also mentions that Hera and Rex fought during the Battle of Endor and were joined by a new crew member, Hera's son Jacen Syndulla, or "Spectre 7." She mentions that he was born to fly just like his mother. Sabine says that everyone knew what his father was like. Sabine reflects that she once used to think that Ezra was counting on her to protect Lothal and its people. She realized that there was something else she had left to do. While riding her speeder bike through Lothal's fields, she passes a Loth-cat watching a pair of loth-wolves including the White loth-wolf running. Together with a white-robed Ahsoka Tano, Sabine sets out to find Ezra and bring him home to Lothal.


The design of the Imperial Royal Guards seems to be based on their appearance from the Legends comic series Star Wars: Crimson Empire, with the helmets and shoulder pads being based on the training uniforms and the rest based on the armor worn by Kir Kanos.[source?]

The working titles to these episodes were "The Light of Lothal," Parts One and Two.[6]

As Gregor dies, an instrumentation of a segment of Vode An, a Mandalorian war chant taught to clone commandos in the Legends continuity, first appearing in Star Wars: Republic Commando, can be heard mingled with the clone fanfare.

The epilogue expanded through the Ahsoka series Part One: Master and Apprentice.



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