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"Jabba figures his loss as equal to what you owed him before...with interest. You're marked Solo, and I'm not the best who'll come after you...only the first!"
―Fan-eared bounty hunter[src]

The fan-eared bounty hunter was a male alien. He had scaly green skin, sharp fingernails, clawed feet, and fan-like fins for ears. He worked for Jabba the Hutt as an assassin.


The fan-eared bounty hunter tried to collect a bounty on Han Solo, even though Solo thought his name was cleared. Solo blasted the bounty hunter, but before he died, the bounty hunter revealed that Jabba the Hutt had placed a new price on Solo's head. The incident prompted Solo to seek refuge with the rebels.[1]

Behind the scenes[]

At the end of Star Wars (1977) 37, Han Solo is attacked by this bounty hunter, who claims that that the bounty on Solo placed by Jabba the Hutt is still in effect, despite Jabba removing the bounty in Star Wars (1977) 28. This event was written by Archie Goodwin to account for the upcoming film, Star Wars: Episode V The Empire Strikes Back, in which the bounty on Solo is still in place, something that Marvel Comics had not accounted for. Thus, the attack of this bounty hunter was created as a way to inform Solo in the comics that the bounty was still on his head.[2] When Marvel began adapting the film to comics, starting in Star Wars (1977) 39, this bounty hunter was referenced as "the bounty hunter on Ord Mantell" referenced in the film. C-canon sources, however, tie that information in with a different incident.[3]



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