An Ithorian female, Fandomar Nadon was the wife of Momaw Nadon and the mother of Do-Forow Nadon.


When her husband was exiled from Ithor for aiding the Galactic Empire in order to protect the life of his homeworld, Fandomar and her son were heartbroken.

Fandomar had had her own brush with the Empire as well, once telling them of the existence of a horrible creature accidentally designed by Ithorian scientists called Spore which existed on Mining Station Alpha. Because of her mistake, she made frequent trips to the mining station to monitor any Imperial activity. Later on, she aided Tash Arranda, Zak Arranda, and their uncle Mammon Hoole in evading Jerec, a Dark Jedi who was trying to acquire Spore for himself. She destroyed Mining Station Alpha in an attempt to destroy Spore, but was too late. Fortunately, Spore was destroyed later on during a freak mishap onboard Jerec's flagship.

Fandomar and her son were later reunited with Momaw Nadon, who was pardoned for his crimes once he presented his case to his people again years later.



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