Fangol was a small frozen planet in the Mortex sector, and was the site of a secret Rebel Alliance base. It had an icy crust.

The planet was continually shrouded in an icy white mist that was formed from the ejecta of hundreds of ice volcanoes, which was water vapor contaminated with metals and other elements. The mists reflected all light from space, making the planet appear to be a solid ball of white. It also reflected all sensor scans aimed at the planet. The mists also prevented individuals on the surface from scanning the surround star system. The mists themselves were poisonous to breathe, and temperatures on the planet rarely exceeded minus 110 degrees Galactic Standard.

During the Galactic Civil War, Fangol was the location of the Alliance to Restore the Republic's Mortex Sector HQ, which was buried underground. Communications and sensors were handled by an artificial moon in geosynchronous orbit over the base. A low-frequency transmitter communicated between the base and moon.



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