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"I've always thought that tie in novels were professionally produced fanfic—and if they're not, there's something wrong."
―Karen Miller[1]

The term fanon refers to fan-made fiction. Fan fiction (also spelled fanfiction and often abbreviated fanfic) is an unlicensed story written by a fan that takes place in an established fictional universe, such as Star Wars.[2] Such fiction is unrecognized by Lucasfilm and is therefore non-canon.

The term is a portmanteau of fan and canon.

Fanon made official

Expanded Universe authors occasionally adopted fanon. One instance of this was the 501st Legion, a clone trooper unit that was named after a real charity organization. The fanon—or some elements of it, like the name in this case—thereby became part of Legends continuity.[3]

The What's The Story? competition invited members of the Hyperspace fan club to submit fan-written backstories of selected characters, the best of which were accepted as their official backstories.[4]


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