"Czerka's grip has been too strong. I need the full authority of the throne, Jedi. The Republic is compromised by Czerka's wealth and influence. Only I can free my world."

Fanry was a human female princess and the Queen of Pijal during the era of the Galactic Republic.[1] Born around 54 BBY,[2] Fanry was fourteen years old by the time of her succession to the royal throne. After her coronation, Fanry planned to lead a revolt against Czerka Arms, opposing the corporation's influence in the Pijal system. She also intended to act without the support of the Jedi Order or the Republic, convinced the latter was compromised by Czerka Corporation's wealth and influence. As queen, she believed it was her responsibility to free her planet.[1]

But while attempting to destroy the Czerka Corporation cruiser Leverage, Fanry refused to help the slaves on board the starship. As a result, her servant Cady and the crew of the royal flagship Righteous rebelled against the queen. The queen's revolution was unsuccessful, consequently leading to Fanry's abdication of the throne. The crown therefore passed to her cousin Lamia, who signed a treaty abolishing slavery in the Pijali's home system and ending the Pijali monarchy.[1]

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Behind the scenesEdit

Fanry first appeared in the canon novel Master & Apprentice, which was written by Claudia Gray and published in 2019.[1] Gray imagined Fanry as being portrayed by actress Sadie Sink.[3]


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