"Stay and play in the clouds and enjoy the spectacular Fantasy in the Sky fireworks pageant every single night!"
―Star Tours commercial[src]

The Fantasy in the Sky fireworks pageant was a regular celebration which took place on Cloud City, Bespin and revolved around the use of pyrotechnic displays. This festivity was used as an advertising attraction by the Star Tours travel agency for their Star Tours Getaway Package.[1]

Behind the scenes[]

The Fantasy in the Sky fireworks pageant was mentioned in an in-universe commercial created for the queue area of Star Tours: The Adventures Continue—a reimagined Star Tours attraction in Disneyland and Disney's Hollywood Studios. In an earlier version of the advertisement released online to promote the new ride, the show was called "Galaxy in the Skies", but the new name was introduced in the video shown in the ride queue itself. It is likely a reference to the Fantasy in the Sky fireworks performance shown at various Walt Disney theme parks for many years.[2]



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