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"Just before the Battle of Scarif, one of our Far Needle pilots encountered the Death Star near the jumping-off point to the Terrabe Bypass and captured a scan."
―Jan Dodonna, in a report to Mon Mothma[1]

Far Needle was a starfighter unit within the Rebel Alliance. One of its pilots,[1] operating under the callsign Far Needle Theta,[2] was flying near the jumping-off point to the Terrabe Bypass to Jedha shortly before the Battle of Scarif and encountered an unidentified construct, which was in actuality, the Death Star, the Galactic Empire's planet-killing battle station.[1]

Far Needle Theta[2] was able to capture a scan, which was combined with data recorded by fleet sensors during the Battle of Scarif. In preparation, Colonel Anj Zavor established contact with Admiral Gial Ackbar and the remaining Alliance Fleet elements.[1]

Sector Command General Jan Dodonna wrote a report to Commander-in-Chief Mon Mothma about Far Needle's data, Death Star scans, and fleet update, which was eventually included in The Rebel Files, a central data repository. After The Rebel Files were recovered on Durkteel[1] in 34 ABY,[3] Ackbar, now an admiral in the Resistance, wrote an annotation on the report, who wrote that he was shorthanded, behind schedule, under-equipped, and in no position to replace Rebel Admiral Raddus and bolster the Alliance Fleet, and was grateful that his own report was not included in The Rebel Files.[1]


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