The Far Thunder was one of the Republic-class cruisers that were introduced during the Yuuzhan Vong War. Republic-class vessels were cheap to produce, allowing large numbers to be brought into service.

The ship was first seen in action in the Second Battle of Obroa-skai, under the command of General Keyan Farlander. Along with nine other vessels, the Thunder ambushed a Yuuzhan Vong fleet believed to have Supreme Overlord Shimrra aboard. Although it turned out that Shimrra was elsewhere and the Republic forces had only killed a Supreme Commander, it was still considered a substantial victory.

Far Thunder had sustained a good deal of damage during the fight, and its commander, Captain Hannser, argued that it should be repaired to preserve the Kuat Systems ship for future battles. He won his case, and the ship was given the Lancer-class frigate Whip Hand as an escort. They were to rendezvous with a fleet tender, where the ship would undergo repairs. However, a small Yuuzhan Vong fighter carrier found the ships, and it launched approximately sixty coralskippers at them. The tender was destroyed, and Far Thunder was unable to defend itself adequately. Captain Hannser sent out a distress signal, which was answered by Captain Ijix Harona and Jaina Solo. The two squadron commanders agreed to go help the ship, and Jaina took her squadron of X-wing starfighters in first. The dogfight lasted for just under half an hour, and resulted in the destruction of most of the coralskippers, as well as the Far Thunder itself.



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