"What is that, a Z-Ninety-five? How'd you get a hyperspace sled to stay attached to that old girl? We didn't know those antiques still flew."
"Still flies, Farpoint control. But it isn't always pretty."
Farpoint control and Jaden Korr[src]

This Z-95 Headhunter, named Far Wanderer, was utilized by the Jedi Knight Jaden Korr throughout his training and involvement in the Disciples of Ragnos campaign. Modified to include a hyperdrive for solo journeys across the galaxy, Korr piloted the starfighter from planet to planet when not traveling with his Master, Kyle Katarn, aboard the Raven's Claw, or when utilizing a shuttle.

By 41.5 ABY the Headhunter was still in use by Jaden Korr despite its advanced age and being outdated even in the Outer Rim Territories. However it had been modified to accommodate an R6 Unit that could pilot it on its own. Jaden used it to travel to Fhost after receiving a Force vision, from there he traveled with the salvage vessel Junker and ordered his R6 to keep the Headhunter in orbit and contact the Jedi Order should he not return within two weeks.

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