"Did you know Fara here was a warrior chieftain? Maybe he's never fired a blaster or been aboard a Star Destroyer, but he got to be a chieftain somehow. Doesn't that suggest he has something to contribute."
―Shea Hublin, to Kaal[src]

Fara was a male Kelrodoan who lived on the planet Kelrodo-Ai during the early years of the Galactic Empire, and he eventually became a warrior chieftain amongst his people. In 17 BBY, Kelrodo-Ai became the site of a battle between the Empire and Separatist holdout forces, and Fara was assigned to act as a groom to the pilots of the Empire's Sword Squadron, who had been dispatched to fight on the world. While the pilot Kaal took a dislike to the Kelrodoan, Shea Hublin, the squadron's commander, respected the alien and struck up a friendship with Fara.


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