"We all look like each other, everyone in my family. Our long hair and our brown skin. People don't try to tell us apart, and we fool them. It helped us avoid the shadow, and it keeps us safe from the law. I wish you looked like us, too."
―Hedala Fardi, to Ahsoka Tano[src]

The Fardi clan was a powerful and wealthy smuggling family that operated on the Outer Rim world Thabeska one year after the Galactic Empire had been established. The clan managed to avoid the scrutiny of the Empire by having several legal businesses that served as a cover for their smuggling operations. While on the run from the Empire, former-Jedi Ahsoka Tano worked for the Fardi clan as a courier.[1]

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Fardi's wife[1]
Makala Fardi[1]
Hedala Fardi[1]
Chenna Fardi[1]

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