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"First we spill wine, then we spill blood!"

Farfalla's Knights were a group of three-hundred Jedi Knights under the command of Lord Valenthyne Farfalla during the New Sith Wars. Many of the Knights were Equine, the same species as Farfalla himself. However, there was also a broad diversity in species represented in the group, with a number of Humans, avian and reptilian species.


Though originally promising Hoth only one-hundred Knights, Farfalla was able to recruit many more and arrived with a more substantial group of reinforcements. After first defeating the treacherous King Lahzar, an ally of the Sith, Farfalla brought the Knights to Ruusan to aid the Army of Light. The Army of Light was stuck in a long war of attrition against the Brotherhood of Darkness. Fighting through the blockade of the planet, they arrived just in time to rescue General Kiel Charny and his forces. A diversionary assault of thousands of Sith warriors had attacked his forces, while the Sith Lords, led by Lord Kaan launched a massive wave of force-powered devastation. Decimating his forces, the Sith Lords then launched an aerial assault. Farfalla's ornate flagship descended just in time, blowing the Sith swoops out of the air, and rescuing Charny.

However, the headstrong Lord Hoth rejected their further aid, frustrated at the numerous losses from that day, but also the old rivalry between the two. Lord Hoth planned a final assault against the Sith forces trapped in their caves. It was only the actions of Valenthyne Farfalla's envoy, pretending to bring an apology from Farfalla, that enabled the two forces to work together. Hoth responded by returning an apology which was promptly couriered back. Farfalla saw through the ruse, but nevertheless decided to engage the Sith forces in the seventh and final battle of Ruusan. Lord Hoth himself went off to confront Kaan and his thought bomb, resulting in his, and all the Sith's, destruction.

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In Jedi vs. Sith, it appears Farfalla and his men are killed by Kaan's thought bomb. This is backed up by Bane of the Sith which states "Every Force-user on Ruusan had been annihilated, warriors both light and dark." However, in the most recent publication, Path of Destruction, they get far enough away to survive, and Farfalla rallies his troops to finish any surviving Sith. According to the author of the latter, this was stated in the Holocron continuity database before he even started writing.[1]


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