The Farghul were felinoid sapients indigenous to Farrfin. They had claws, incredible strength and speed, and were covered with tawny fur and possessed prehensile tails.

A Farghul male.

The species had a reputation for being both fearsome fighters as well as cunning thieves.[1] They became quite fearful of the Jedi Knights after the destruction of a smuggling base on their homeworld during the times of the Galactic Republic. The Farghul were also generally distrustful of politicians and were considered slightly xenophobic. Despite this, they were known to friends as mischievous and playful beings who loved telling bad jokes. Many Farghul were also known to rig games. Their reputation for being cheaters, con artists, and thieves originated from this; though, upon being caught, those Farghul would often return their illicit winnings. However, this did not stop them from gaining their bad reputation in the galaxy. Farghul were extremely self-conscious about their appearance, and often wore elaborate clothes or jewelry.

Breela was a common name.

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Ryan Kaufman originally named Breela as Mika'a, intending it to show that Farghul children were named after their parents, with an extra letter added to denote ancestry. However, it was changed before the final draft.[2]

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