The Faruun were a sentient species of ship-builders.



The Nagai fleet built by the Faruun.

The Faruun lived in Firefist, a satellite galaxy near the south-west quadrant of the galaxy. They were conquered by the Tof, a species of giant and brutal humanoids. Faruun refugees eventually allied with other groups conquered by the Tofs, in particular the pale Nagai and the cyborg Maccabree.[2]

The Faruun provided a fleet for their allies, and with the guidance of the cyborg Lumiya, they fled Firefist and their Tof overlords. Their plan was to conquer parts of the galaxy from the exhausted parties in the Galactic Civil War, build up their strength and then return to Firefist to destroy the Tofs.[1]

The Faruun starships designs were characterized by a marked individuality influenced by their Nagai allies, with no two ships alike. Though this was similar to the design philosophy of the Mon Calamari, the Faruun-Nagai vessels were easily identified with a high amount of chrome finishes on their hulls. They were also fitted with Nagai technology and employed cloaking devices made by the Nagai General Kruskob Tiltanka. In honor of their homeworld, the capital ships were named after cities on Nagi.[3]


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