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"Go choke on your own blaster, fascist."
Liana Kor, to an Imperial operative[src]

Fascism was a political philosophy, based on militant totalitarianism. The Bith artist Janyor referred to the Galactic Empire as fascist and created the propaganda piece Imperius Unitada ober Totallex as an example of fascist imagery.[1]

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In real-world political terms, Fascism refers to an authoritarian ideology & sociopolitical model that arose in Europe after the First World War, most commonly associated with Italy during the Interwar Period.[2] Fascism, as it is generally understood, is defined by a number of distinct features - totalitarianism, collectivism, a one-party state, the protection of industry, social & economic nationalism, extreme traditionalism, privatization, anticommunism, military-rule, and, most notably, a corporatist economy run by government-sponsored cartels aimed at autarky. Despite being characterized by socialistic practices like imperialization, the Galactic Empire's economy bears a strong resemblance to fascism as well, as many privately-owned cartels, such as the Mining Guild and the Kuat Drive Yards, are officially authorized by the Empire to control entire sectors of industry.[source?]

Although the Galactic Empire had previously never been referred to as "fascist" in the official canon, George Lucas' original idea for the Empire was both politically & aesthetically inspired by fascist regimes like Nazi Germany. Despite the fact that the Rebels are shown as the protagonists of the Original Trilogy, the Rebel Alliance is also depicted as having some fascist imagery. According to Lucas, the ceremony at the very end of A New Hope was based off of a scene from the Nazi propaganda film Triumph of the Will.[3]



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