The Submersible Mining Environment, nicknamed Fast Hand by Lando Calrissian, was exclusively designed for mining Corusca gems in the deepest reaches of the planet Yavin's lower atmosphere. It had a resemblance akin to a huge diving bell.

Fast Hand was equipped with a pair of trolling cables that could be used to retrieve Corusca gems. After a gem was captured, it would end up in an access port located in the floor of Fast Hand's cockpit.

Since it needed to withstand the extreme pressures of Yavin's lower atmosphere to get the largest Corusca gems, it had been fitted with a thin layer of quantum-crystalline armor, a technology that had been pioneered in the Sun Crusher. However, Fast Hand was not invincible. A Corusca gem traveling at high speeds in Yavin's atmosphere could put at least a small dent in the vessel.

Fast Hand had no propulsion systems of its own, instead it relied on an energy tether from GemDiver Station. The energy tether's length and power could be manipulated from the cockpit. Even though it was extremely powerful, the energy tether could be severed by turbulence from Yavin's powerful storm systems. For this reason, life-support supplies and energy backups were kept aboard Fast Hand at all times. The crew of Fast Hand could survive for a relatively long time until a rescue was made.



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