"The speeder can't make that jump!"
"It will if I'm going fast enough.
―Omega and Tech[3]

"Faster" is the fourth episode of the second season of the animated television series Star Wars: The Bad Batch. It premiered on Disney+ on January 18, 2023.[1]

Official Description[]

The team enters the colorful and dangerous world of racing.

Plot summary[]

A new job[]

At Cid's Parlor on Ord Mantell, Wrecker plays dejarik with Omega. Omega gains the advantage over Wrecker, telling him that he owes her two cartons of Mantell Mix. Wrecker wants another game, but Cid tells them she has a job for them. Omega responds that Hunter and Echo are on a mission to deliver 50 cases of nerf nuggets, which Tech regards as a waste of their skills and talents. Cid says she will need their skills and strength for this new job, adding that the shuttle is waiting. Omega and Wrecker are enthusiastic while Tech is reluctant but comes along.

Racing on Safa Toma[]

The Bad Batch accompany Cid to Safa Toma, a rough spaceport with a seedy reputation. The group travel to an arena where several aliens of various species including Gotals, Pantorans, Arcona, and Rodians are cheering over a landspeeder race. The ringer TAY-0 gains the lead over "Hyper" Rod, shooting his speeder. Cid reveals that she has been betting on TAY-0, who wins this race. She takes the clones to meet TAY-0 at the pit stop.

When Tech remarks that TAY-0 is a droid, the droid takes offense and boasts of his abilities. Wrecker backs up Tech but Cid calms the situation. TAY-0 heads inside his garage to repair his 12 series speeder for the next race. Tech remarks that the speeder is not designed for racing. TAY-0 responds that is why he modifies them. Cid is soon visited by the Dowutin gangster Grini Millegi, Jet Venim, Garnac,[4] and a Gamorrean guard. Millegi warns Cid to stay off his turf, prompting Cid to defend her right to be here. Millegi takes an interest in the clones and TAY-0 and boasts that this team will beat Cid. Venim swears in his alien language. Millegi gets Cid to bargain on a standard side wager for the next race, which she accepts.

When Tech asks about her antagonistic relationship with Millegi, Cid denies this is personal and claims it is just part of her racing business. During the next race, TAY-0 races against Jet Venim, with the two tied at the lead. Tech is unable to determine the victor. Their competitors are a modified B1 battle droid and a protocol droid. Bosco Brix, a racer who works for Millegi, accidentally fires a volley of blaster bolts which takes out an Arcona spectator. The announcer reminds the spectators that Safa Toma Speedway is not liable for any injury, death or disintegration. TAY-0 and Venim approach Gambler's Gulch.

Cid warns TAY-0 not to take the left tunnel but the droid insists that he knows what he is doing. When Omega asks, Cid explains that Gambler's Gulch is a death trap. Millegi orders Venim to maneuver TAY-0 into the Crunch. Venim uses the claw appendage on his speeder to grab onto TAY-0's craft and slice through its stabilizers with a circular saw. This causes TAY-0's vehicle to spin out of control. Venim wins the race.

Omega's gambit[]

Later, Tech and Wrecker salvage the damaged 12 series speeder. Tech thinks that the ship is beyond repair while Wrecker finds TAY-0's parts and believes he can repair most of the droid. Millegi comes to collect his credits but Cid pleads for time. Millegi demands that she pays up and Cid calls on Tech and Wrecker to provide "muscle." Before the clones and Millegi's henchmen can reach for their blasters, Omega asks Millegi about Cid's debt. Omega proposes a third race with Cid paying double if Millegi wins. Omega adds that they will get Cid back if she wins. Tech and Wrecker are concerned but Omega convinces them that they need to free Cid. Millegi agrees to Omega's proposal but keeps Cid as collateral. He warns the clones that they better pay up for their sakes.

The clones repair TAY-0's damaged 12 series speeder with the help of DUM-series pit droids. Omega remarks that the vehicle is in a worst shape than she expected. Tech works on TAY-0 and is pessimistic that the droid can be repaired. TAY-0 insists that he is capable of racing but is horrified to discover his limbs are missing. Tech works on reattaching the droid's limbs. Wrecker proposes rescuing Cid and taking on Millegi but Tech warns that the gangster will seek retribution. When TAY-0 mentions that a failed competitor who failed to pay Millegi ended up in the sand dunes, Omega says that this is why they must win this race. Tech remarks about Cid's association with criminal elements. TAY-0 tells the clones to focus more on repairing him.

Meanwhile, Millegi hosts his captive Cid in his suite above the stadium. Cid insists that she has moved away from her shady past but Millegi responds that people will get to know the real Cid. Cid disagrees but Millegi says he doubts that before drinking a glass of wine.

The "accident"[]

Prior to the third race, Omega tells TAY-0 he will be racing next. Wrecker asks if he is fit to race, prompting the droid to insist that he is competent and will win this time. TAY-0 finds Tech analysing the race course and patterns on his datapad. TAY-0 opines that calculations are nothing compared to strategy and skill. Tech opines that TAY-0's strategy is flawed and advises him to redirect power to the reflector shields. TAY-0 spurns his advice and claims that offence is the best strategy. The droid steps onto the race course and is run over by another speeder, causing a crash. Bosco Brix walks away without showing any concern while pit droids attend to the wreckage of the speeder.

TAY-0 is badly damaged. Wrecker realizes that the droid is unable to race. Millegi arrives with his entourage and the hostage Cid. He remarks that Safa Toma is a dangerous place and that "accidents" happen. Cid speaks to TAY-0 and the droid mouths that he regrets nothing before shutting down. Millegi proposes that Cid and her team forfeit the race. Tech volunteers to be the racer. Millegi is dismissive but Cid insists that he honor their earlier agreement. Millegi accepts despite believing that Cid and her team have a poor chance of winning.

Tech's race[]

Tech steps into the 12 series speeder. The announcer announces the participants as Riot Champion Jet Venim, Bosco "The Mad Bomber" Brix, "Steel Claw" Kane, "Vicious" Vid Santari, Haxxon "The War Gnome" Trajanix, "Quick-draw" Quasar, "The Trickster" Flash Raktor, "Hyper" Rod on his Seven Deuce Blaster, and Tech. The announcer questions Tech's name before announcing the start of the race. During the race, Jet Venim uses "dirty tricks" to gain the advantage over the other racers.

Omega monitors the race and reports that Tech is last place. When Wrecker expresses concern, Tech insists that he knows what he is doing and is using "strategy." Mad Bomber Brix uses explosives to take out Quasar. Tech exits the tunnel and overtakes another racer. Omega warns Tech not to take the left tunnel but Tech asks her to transmit the schematics of the left tunnel. When Wrecker warns of the danger, Tech says his plan will work and diverts power from the weapons to the shields. Tech overtakes "The War Gnome" and evades his forepower. During the second leg, Tech dumps the blaster section in order to gain speed. The announcer and Cid are critical of his decision. Tech reports he now has increased speed and maneuverability but Wrecker warns he is still in last place.

Tech overtakes Brix and heads to a dangerous tunnel with a shortened track called "Nellis Express to Lotho Minor." He is followed by Brix. Tech and Brix navigate over the first hole. Tech manages to avoid the second hole but Brix falls inside with his speeder. By taking the short tunnel, Tech is able to climb the ranks. After eluding a block obstacle, he chases Venim. Venim deploys his circular saw. However, Tech is ready and dodges "Steel Claw" Kane's retractable hook, which latches onto Venim instead. Kane's speeder is damaged by Venim's circular saw, causing both of them to lose control. Reaching the finish line, Tech's speeder rolls in the dirt. The announcer announces Tech as the winner. Millegi is upset but Cid is jubilant.


Omega and Wrecker are joyful and surprised. The crowd cheers for Tech. Later, the clones meet with Millegi, who agrees to free Cid. Cid tells the clones that she owes them a favor before leaving. Venim, who is upset about losing the race, attempts to shoot at the clones but Millegi restrains him. Millegi speaks to the clones, commending their loyalty but claims that Cid cannot be trusted and tells them to "watch their backs." Omega walks away with Tech and Wrecker.


"Faster" features the character Garnac alive during the Imperial Era.[4] However, the character had previously been shown dying during the Republic Era in the Star Wars: The Clone Wars episode "Wookiee Hunt,"[5] with his death confirmed by Star Wars: The Clone Wars: Character Encyclopedia - Join the Battle![6]


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