Fathiers racing on the Canto Bight racetrack

Fathier racing was the practice of racing fathiers on racetracks for sport. The fathier races were a popular event and a source of heavy gambling revenue at the Canto Bight racetracks on the planet Cantonica, though the fathiers used in the races were often abused.[1] Historically, there had been attempts to regulate or outright ban the sport, but all failed due to the level of greed involved in it.[2]

Betting on fathier races for high stakes was a popular practice in Canto Bight, using the the gambling currency Cantocoins. Each fathier participating in a race was given odds of winning, and those with lower odds carried higher risk, but a correspondingly higher payout for a winning bet on that fathier.[3] Sometimes races were so close that the length of two competing fathiers' noses could be the deciding factor.[2]

Paige Tico dreamed of someday watching one of these races.[4]

Racers who rode in the fathier races were known as jockeys.[5]

Rael Averross mused in 40 BBY that fathier racing would become obsolete if the galaxy as a whole discovered the joys of Pijal varactyls,[6] however as of 34 ABY, this had not happened.[1]


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