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The Federal District, also known as the Senate District, Executive District, Legislative District, and colloquially referred to as the Core of Coruscant or Core Square, was the central government district on the planet Coruscant. It was the location of the Galactic Senate Building, the Avenue of the Core Founders, the Imperial Executive Building, and the Jedi Temple which, after proclamation of the New Order, was rechristened as the Imperial Palace. Other notable locations included 500 Republica, the headquarters of the Naval Intelligence Agency, and the COMPNOR arcology, which contained the central offices of the Imperial Security Bureau.

During the Clone Wars, the Confederacy of Independent Systems disabled the central power distribution grid of Coruscant, causing a power outage in the Federal District. The district was also damaged by a Zillo Beast that had been captured on Malastare and taken to the galactic capital. After the Galactic Republic became the Galactic Empire, the Jedi Order's temple became the palace of Galactic Emperor Sheev Palpatine. Following Emperor Palpatine's death in the Battle of Endor, the Empire fought to remain in control of the Federal District during a civil war between the Imperial government and the Coruscanti that supported the New Republic.


The Avenue of the Core Founders and the Galactic Senate Building were located in the Federal District of Coruscant.

Under the Galactic Republic, the planet Coruscant's central government district was generally referred to as the Federal District,[1] Senate District, or Legislative District.[9] Informally, however, the Federal District was referred to by Coruscanti as the "Core of Coruscant" or "Core Square."[10] The Federal District was the focal point of the Senate Building that served as the meeting place of the Galactic Senate. In front of the Senate Building was the Senate Plaza, whose Avenue of the Core Founders bore statues dedicated to the founding members of the Republic. Located nearby was the Senate Office Building, where the Supreme Chancellor maintained a suite of offices, 500 Republica, a prestigious and exclusive residential tower where Sheev Palpatine maintained an apartment during his service as senator of Naboo, and the Jedi Temple, which served as the home of the Jedi Order.[1]

The Imperial Palace, formerly known as the Jedi Temple, was the focal point of the Federal District under the Galactic Empire.

With the fall of the Republic and the establishment of the Galactic Empire, the Jedi Temple was converted into the Imperial Palace.[1] The area surrounding the former Jedi Temple became a focal point of the so-called "supreme triangle" of the newly-christened Imperial Palace, together with the Naval Intelligence Agency's headquarters and the COMPNOR arcology[3] that housed the Central Office of the Imperial Security Bureau.[4] It was also within the Federal District that the Imperial Military constructed a combined headquarters for the Imperial Army and the Imperial Navy.[10] The district was covered with towering skyscrapers and its skies were kept clear via weather control.[3]


The bombing of Coruscant's central power distribution grid resulted in blackouts across the Federal District.

In the days of the Republic, the term "Senate District" was synonymous with the business and power of the galactic government.[3] The Clone Wars brought about great changes to the district, as it saw a massive build-up of new structures to house the increase in government agencies that were created in support of the Republic's war effort.[9] Near the beginning of the war, Senator Padmé Amidala traveled to Ziro's Palace in the district to arrest the Hutt crime lord Ziro Desilijic Tiure for his role in the abduction of Jabba Desilijic Tiure's son Rotta.[2] In 21 BBY,[11] the Senate District was the site of a terrorist bombing[12] and a rampage by a Zillo Beast that the Grand Army of the Republic captured on the planet Malastare.[13]

General Grievous and his strike team landed in the Federal District during the Battle of Coruscant.[14] During the execution of Order 66, the 501st Legion secured the Jedi Temple under the command of the newly-christened Sith Lord Darth Vader.[15] The Dark Lord of the Sith Darth Sidious, publicly known as Galactic Emperor Sheev Palpatine, subsequently confiscated the Temple and refurbished the structure as the Imperial Palace, the seat of the Galactic Empire.[1] Along with other government structures that were constructed around it, the palace became the focal point of the Federal District as part of the "supreme triangle."[3]

The death of Emperor Palpatine was celebrated across the Federal District by the people of Coruscant.

After the death of Emperor Palpatine at the Battle of Endor in 4 ABY,[16] the turning point of the Galactic Civil War between the Empire and the Alliance to Restore the Republic, the Grand Vizier Mas Amedda and the Imperial Security Bureau seized control of Coruscant in an effort to put down the revolution that had erupted on the planet.[17] As the Empire was driven back across the galaxy by the New Republic, Amedda was placed under house arrest by order of Gallius Rax, the self-styled Counselor to the Empire, while Imperial forces continued to lose ground and struggled to hold onto the upper levels of the Federal District. With the defeat of the Imperial remnants at the Battle of Jakku, Amedda signed the Galactic Concordance, formally marking the surrender of the Galactic Empire and replacing the Imperial government on Coruscant with a provisional government that was overseen by the New Republic.[8]


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