The fefze beetle were originally a swarm of fefze who were contracted to work on the planet Duro. Fefze were large, beetle-like insects that shared a single group mind; however, due to Duro's pollution, the swarm began to mutate, losing their sentience and becoming aggressive predators. Due to the fact that all native life on the planet was killed off from the pollution, fefze beetles became the only fauna on Duro.[1] Fefze were also able to spit digestive acids at short range.[2]

Nuri the Clawdite, shapeshifted into a fefze beetle in order to get away and reveal Boba Fett's presence to Wat Tambor. Fett, however, managed to paralyze him with xabar fungus.[3]

A number of the beetles lived in the mountains of Kessel. Trioculus hunted them during his time there, using it to release his anger.

Some fefze beetles devoured a batch of naotebe winglings delivered by Nom Anor, helping clear the infested Settlement 32.[1]


Fefze beetle-SoF

A Gand battling fefze beetles


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