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"Besides. If it's a trap, then what's the point? We lose a squad in there, we don't exactly lose the war."
―Fektrin, to Hazram Namir[src]

Fektrin was a male alien who served as a sergeant in the Rebel Alliance's 61st Mobile Infantry, commonly referred to as Twilight Company. On the planet Vir Aphshire, in 0 ABY, he handed the private Hazram Namir a report to hand to the company's captain Micha Evon. In 3 ABY, he served on the planet Haidoral Prime, where he received a message from an Imperial defector and sent Namir, who was now a First Sergeant, to inspect this.

When Twilight Company's CR90 corvette, the Thunderstrike, was attacked by chance Fektrin was at the mess hall and informed Namir when the corvette's brig might have been at risk. Sometime after, Fektrin led his squad and a trio of engineers in a raid on an Imperial heavy freighter. During the raid, he led the engineers to salvage supplies but was killed when his squad was split during their withdrawal from the freighter. Fektrin and the other fallen soldiers from the raid were given a funeral.


Joining the rebellion[]

"Everyone needs to see Howl sometime."
―Fektrin, to Hazram Namir[src]

By 0 ABY,[3] Fektrin was a male alien member of the Rebel Alliance's 61st Mobile Infantry, better known as Twilight Company. That year, Twilight Company fought forces of the Galactic Empire on the planet Vir Aphshire. Following the battle, which came concurrent to the Battle of Yavin, Fektrin scouted a nearby settlement. After returning to Twilight Company, he handed a report to the private Hazram Namir, asking him to hand it to the company's captain, Micha Evon—nicknamed Howl. Fektrin remarked to Namir that everyone in Twilight Company needed to meet Howl at some point.[2]

The defector[]

"So the captain's theory, is that he can afford to gamble away our lives on the off chance we'll save a few civvies. Do I have this right?"
"You want to take it up with Howl?"
―Hazram Namir and Fektrin[src]

In 3 ABY,[1] Twilight Company attacked the planet Haidoral Prime. Several days into the battle, a mouse droid came out of the Governor's Mansion, which a dozen squads had on lockdown. The droid carried a message from a supposed "rebel sympathizer" who claimed there were captured rebels inside the mansion. Fektrin knew this was a false claim and told this to Howl. The captain, though, thought that there might have been captured civilians instead and chose to send a squad into the mansion. Fektrin called upon Namir, who was now a First Sergeant, and his squad to come to the mansion.[2]

Fektrin briefed Namir about the situation and his mission to infiltrate the mansion to investigate the potential captives. When Namir disputed the sympathizer's claim, Fektrin remarked that if the mission went badly, only one squad would be lost. Namir then pointed out that Howl was gambling him and his squad for a possible chance that they save civilian captives. Fektrin asked if the First Sergeant wanted to take this up with Howl, and so Namir chose to comply with his orders. Namir and his squad subsequently infiltrated the mansion. Fektrin prepared a number of squads for a front assault on the building in case it was needed. Namir's squad found that Haidoral Prime's governor, Everi Chalis, had sent the message so that she could defect to the Alliance. Namir and his squad then brought her back to Twilight Company.[2]

Three days later, Twilight Company, aboard their CR90 corvette the Thunderstrike, crossed paths with and engaged an Imperial reconnaissance squadron in the Kontahr sector. Fektrin asked for shelters to report in over a comlink in the corvette's mess hall when Namir approached him. Fektrin told Namir that the attackers, as far as he knew, were larger than pirates but smaller than one of the Empire's Imperial-class Star Destroyers. The Thunderstrike then shook for a moment and Fektrin received news that section 10 had a possible hull breach. Namir asked if the brig was intact but Fektrin could not get in contact with the guard there, so the first sergeant went there himself to rescue Chalis.[2]

Final mission[]

"Yours at the pod?"
"Keeping an exit route. How about yours?"
"Cappandar took half a dozen shots before he hit the ground."
"One more to drink to when we get back."
―Fektrin and Hazram Namir[src]

The Thunderstrike survived that battle, and fought on the planet Coyerti after. However, the corvette and its escort, the Braha'tok-class gunship Apailana's Promise and two X-wing starfighters, were attacked three times, due to being tracked from a hyperdrive leak by the Empire. To repair the hyperdrive, Twilight Company boarded an Imperial heavy freighter in the Redhurne system for supplies. Fektrin and his squad brought a trio of engineers and an astromech droid with them and went to rendezvous with Namir's squad at the command centre. On the way, one of Fektrin's soldiers, Cappandar was killed, but not before he was shot half a dozen shots.[2]

Fektrin and his team made it to the command centre and killed the Imperials in the room. When Namir and Chalis arrived, having left their troops at their boarding pod, Fektrin gestured the latter and his astromech to one of the terminals. He told Namir of Cappandar's death and questioned if Chalis would get them what they needed. Namir remarked that she wanted to make it out alive and that she'll do her best. When Chalis finished on the terminal, she told Fektrin that his engineers could salvage parts from the upper drive compartments. Namir told the sergeant to keep close to his engineers while he and Chalis watched their back. Fektrin then kicked the blaster rifle of a dead stormtrooper to Chalis and proceeded to lead his engineers into the lower decks.[2]

Fektrin and his squad salvaged supplies while Namir and Chalis set up a choke point to kill incoming soldiers. Once they were finished salvaging, they signalled the other squads, which began to withdraw slowly back to their boarding pods. After an Imperial Gozanti-class cruiser arrived in the Redhurne system. The squads were given five minutes to return to their pods. As each team rushed back to their boarding pods, Fektrin's team was split. Although the engineers were safely away, Fektrin and his squad were being overwhelmed individually. Fektrin ultimately died within the next minute. Namir found his body and decided to take his boarding pod back.[2]


"Eight dead. It's not a bad number until you look at who we lost."
―Sairgon, on Fektrin's death — (audio) Listen (file info)[src]

Following the raid, Lieutenant Sairgon, Howl's second-in-command, reviewed Twilight Company's losses. The lieutenant saw that although the only eight were lost, the specific individuals that were lost, including Fektrin, were valuable. Fektrin and the other seven fallen soldiers received a funeral in the Thunderstrike's vehicle bay. Accustomed to Twilight Company tradition, Fektrin received a short eulogy from another soldier and a power pack was drained into the corvette's main battery in his honor. Fektrin was among the subjects in discussion at the Thunderstrike's clubhouse after. With the sergeant gone, the alien Mzun stepped in to lead Fektrin's squad.[2]

Personality and traits[]

"Can she [Everi Chalis] get us what we need?"
"She wants to get out alive. She'll do her best, for what that's worth."
―Fektrin and Hazram Namir[src]

Fektrin considered the loss of a squad of soldiers to be insignificant in the scale of a war. When Hazram Namir argued against infiltrating the governor's mansion of Haidoral Prime, the alien humorously asked the First Sergeant is he wished to bring the matter up with Captain Howl. While taking head count aboard the Thunderstrike during a fleet engagement in the Kontahr sector, Fektrin assumed those unaccounted for were merely straggler. During the raid on an Imperial freighter, the sergeant checked with Namir whether Chalis could truly help Twilight Company to their objective.[2]

Fektrin was an alien male who possessed tendrils which dangled from his cheeks and chin. The assortment of tendrils had an impression of a beard on Namir.[2]


Fektrin used a comm during the battle in the Kontahr sector and the raid on the freighter.[2]

Behind the scenes[]

Fektrin first appeared in the 2015 canon novel Battlefront: Twilight Company, written by Alexander Freed.[2]


Notes and references[]

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