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"We're a family. Family does for family."
Soontir Fel[2]

The Fel dynasty was a prominent Imperial family that was known for its military service to the Galactic Empire and the Empire of the Hand before ascending to become the ruling house of the Imperial Remnant and re-organizing it as the Fel Empire. Before the ascension of Jagged Fel, the first of the Fel Emperors, his family—or at least, his parents—were media stars of the first Galactic Empire and later associated with the Empire of the Hand and the Chiss Ascendancy. At least three members were dedicated soldiers—Soontir Fel was one of the Empire's most decorated pilots and his son Jagged flew with distinction during the Yuuzhan Vong War. The family was also linked to one of the most famous Rebellion and later on New Republic families, the Antilles family of Corellia, by marriage through Syal Antilles Fel, though due to their different positions in the political fabric of the galaxy, they had little contact for much of the Galactic Civil War.

Following the conclusion of the Second Galactic Civil War, the Fel family's ties to the Galactic Alliance were reinforced with the marriage of Jagged Fel to Jaina of the House of Solo. Jagged's descendants ruled the Fel Empire until Darth Krayt's coup of 130 ABY, which overthrew Emperor Roan Fel, the third Fel Emperor. Following a period of civil war between Fel's faction and Krayt's faction, the Fel dynasty was restored under Roan's daughter Marasiah as the Empire's first Empress.


1st Generation[]

2nd Generation[]

3rd Generation[]

4th Generation[]

  • Fel II, Jagged Fel's son, second Fel Emperor.

5th Generation[]

6th Generation[]


Soontir Fel was also used as a template for clones during Grand Admiral Thrawn's campaign. These clones were used as sleeper cells, and scattered throughout the New Republic. One such cell, led by Soontir Fel's clone Carib Devist, defected to the Republic.

Family tree[]

Soontir Fel's father
Soontir Fel's mother
Syal Antilles Fel
(see Antilles family)
Soontir Fel
Todr Fel
Ajai Fel
Chak Fel
Davin Fel
Jagged Fel
Jaina Solo Fel
Cherith Fel
Cem Fel
Wynssa Fel
Fyric Fel
Fel II
Mohrgan Fel
(Roan Fel's cousin)[16]
Roan Fel
Elliah Fel
Marasiah Fel

Behind the scenes[]

Because Roan, Marasiah, and Mohrgan Fel are Force users, it is widely believed by fans that they are descendants of Jaina Solo, Jagged Fel's longtime love interest. This speculation was reinforced by the couple's marriage in Fate of the Jedi: Apocalypse[3] and the statement by Ania Solo,[17] a descendant of Han Solo and Leia Organa Solo,[18] that she was apparently a distant cousin of Marasiah Fel in Legacy (2013) 16.[17] Despite the circumstancial evidence and fan speculation, the identity of the mother of Jagged Fel's son was never confirmed.



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