Fellion was an enforcer for the Black Sun criminal syndicate on Brentaal during the years leading up to the death of Prince Xizor.


Fellion's early life was largely a mystery, but she was known to have received her initial military training while serving with a private militia in the Kathol Outback. She eventually drifted Coreward and joined up with Black Sun on the trading hub of Brentaal, serving as the organization's secret enforcer whenever a well-protected or otherwise difficult mark had to disappear or die. One such assignment occurred in the years preceding the Galactic Civil War, when Black Sun tried to muscle into mainstream commerce on Brentaal by taking over House Okeefe. The thugs and heavies who tried to carry out the move bungled the assignment after a member of House Okeefe hired freelance operatives to handle the 'small-time crooks.' Fellion was tasked with eliminating the meddlers before they could curtail Black Sun operations on Brentaal. Unfortunately, her first attempt on their lives failed, and she ended up tipping her hand. Alerted to the identity of their adversaries, the freelancers staged a daring raid on the Black Sun front at the Alfex Cargo Stacks. Fellion was killed in the firefight.

Personality and traitsEdit

Born with a naturally mousy and timid-looking demeanor, Fellion's nondescript appearance served her far better than any body armor. She tended to eschew exotic toys in combat, preferentially relying on her hand-to-hand combat training and a suite of blaster weapons to handle most assignments.


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