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The Fellowship of Kooroo was a religion based on the planet Qalydon at Port Fyrin, led by the being known as Kooroo. Believers congregated at the ancient structures called the Shrines of Kooroo, built in the Outer Rim possibly more than 20,000 years before the Galactic Civil War.


Members of the Fellowship traveled on pilgrimages to the shrines in every part of the Outer Rim. They claimed that archaeological research on the sites threatened the mystical peace found there. The constant chant of Fellowship pilgrims was "The way of Kooroo is the way to peace." They burned incense during their ceremonies.

Shrine of Kooroo

The Shrine of Kooroo on Gelgelar during the Galactic Civil War.

While the Fellowship appeared not long before the fall of the Old Republic, it grew out of popular beliefs regarding the sites, involving telepathic and other, possibly Force-based powers. While the religion appeared benign, rumors linked the Shrines to blood sacrifices and orgies. Inconsistent accounts also dated the Fellowship to much older eras.

Few members knew anything about the religion's origins. They believed that their rites encouraged telepathic powers in their members, though this appeared to be unfounded. It also appeared that the majority of priests in the group were frauds. The Galactic Empire discouraged the faith because of its potential link to the Force.

The planet Qalydon, seat of the sect, was also linked to the New Sith Wars, a conflict sometimes referred to as the "Curse of Qalydon".[1]

Platt Okeefe once stated that she dressed herself in the blue robes of a pilgrim to escape the Empire and bounty hunters. In 11 ABY, Corellia Antilles presented a report to the Galactic Museum on Coruscant on the Shrines, and hinted that the New Republic considered the Fellowship "unpredictable" and a possible threat.


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