"When I don't like the rules—I change them!"

Feln was a famed Feeorin warrior who left his homeworld behind to become a Jedi Master and one of the most renowned seers of his day. Perhaps the most successful war chief in Feeorin history, Feln conquered and unified all the neighboring tribes on his native Odryn, eventually rising to the place of Exalted among his people, a title belonging to the oldest, and therefore strongest, of the Feeorin. After winning many great triumphs, Feln was found to be Force-sensitive by a Jedi scout, and left Odryn to submit to Jedi training. Feln's exceptional talent for precognition earned him the immediate attention of Jedi Master Krynda Draay, who taught prospective seers at her estate on Coruscant. Feln went on to become a Jedi Master and a member of the Jedi Covenant, a secret order of seers founded by Draay that kept watch for the return of the Sith and gathered dark side artifacts for catalogue and containment. For this, Feln volunteered the sacred Sanctum of the Exalted on Odryn to serve as a storehouse for Sith trinkets, breaking many long-held Feeorin laws. In the years before the Mandalorian Wars, Feln and four other Jedi Masters—comprising the Covenant's First WatchCircle—were each assigned to the Outer Rim world of Taris, where they each trained Padawans of their own: Feln taught a young Ho'Din named Oojoh.

In 3964 BBY, the final stages of their apprentices' training were interrupted by a traumatic vision: together, Feln and the First WatchCircle foresaw their deaths and the seeming destruction of the Jedi Order, all at the hands of a shadowy figure they interpreted to be one of their students. Swearing to never let this future come to pass, Feln and his fellows massacred their apprentices at a false Knighting ceremony in the Taris Jedi Tower—however, the last of the Padawans, Zayne Carrick, managed to escape with the help of local criminal Marn Hierogryph. Carrick repeatedly eluded the Covenant's clutches, and after fellow WatchCircle member Raana Tey was killed trying to apprehend him, Feln made it one of his personal goals to avenge his friend's death and eliminate the fugitive Padawan. Ironically, it was on his homeworld of Odryn that Feln finally tracked Carrick down, as he had been led to the Sanctum of the Exalted in his efforts to expose the Covenant's shadowy operations. After a wild chase and fight, Feln obliterated the Sanctum with previously-set charges to prevent its secrets from leaving Odryn. This turned out to be Feln's final mistake—the destruction of the Feeorins' most sacred place led Feln's people to turn on him, and the Jedi Master was ripped to shreds in the ruins of his home village.


Exalted Jedi[]

"Feln was the best Elder I've seen in my three centuries. Defeated all the neighbor villages—we thought he was magic. Then that Jedi scout landed—and we found out he was.'"

Feln and the members of the Jedi Covenant's First WatchCircle.

A male Feeorin, Feln was born into the life of a warrior on the isolated[4] Outer Rim[7] planet of Odryn, several centuries before the Mandalorian Wars. A member of a species that venerated its elders, and which grew stronger with age, after several centuries of life Feln became the oldest of the Feeorin, giving him the title of Exalted among his people. Becoming Exalted also allowed Feln to enter the sacred structure known as the Sanctum of the Exalted, where it was believed that dead Feeorin elders resided and shaped Odryn's seasons. It was after becoming Exalted that Feln forged his legacy as one of the most celebrated warriors Odryn had ever known—in the days of inter-village warfare on Odryn, Feln conquered and unified all the neighboring territories under his banner, displaying such unheard-of prowess in battle that his people thought he was magic. While that might not have quite been true, the reality was actually rather close. After Feln won his great triumphs on Odryn, a scout from the Jedi Order landed on Odryn and revealed that Feln was Force-sensitive. In an unprecedented move in Feeorin history, Feln left his planet behind to train with the Jedi, although he still retained the position of Exalted among his people.[4]

After being discovered by the Jedi Order, Feln's talents were brought to the attention of Jedi Master Krynda Draay, who trained Jedi seers at her estate on Coruscant. Draay was amazed at Feln's precognitive abilities, and immediately allowed him to join a promising class[6] that included the young Miraluka Q'Anilia,[3] the Belnar[6] Xamar and the troubled but talented Togruta Raana Tey. Having lost her husband Barrison in the Great Sith War, Draay was searching for a group of seers that would one day, she prophesied, avert the return of the Sith—after training Feln and his group for several years, Draay declared that they were the ones she had foreseen. Together, Feln, Tey, Xamar and Q'Anilia thereby became the First WatchCircle of the secret cabal known as the Jedi Covenant, which worked in the shadows to keep watch for the rise of the dark side. As they set forth on their journeys as Jedi, they were also joined by Krynda's son Lucien Draay, no seer but a talented Jedi in his own right, who was assigned to the group to provide practical support and protection.[3]

Along with keeping watch for the rise of the dark side, the Covenant also actively worked to gather Sith artifacts for inspection and containment. When the faction needed a hidden repository for their collection, Feln volunteered the Sanctum of the Exalted on Odryn, allowing outsiders to enter his people's holiest site to the intense dissatisfaction of the fiercely independent Feeorin. By then, the Exalted himself was rarely seen on his homeworld, instead leaving operations in the hands of one of his close lieutenants, Borjak.[4] Through the machinations of the Covenant, Feln and his fellows continually wound up being posted together, and eventually they were assigned to the Jedi Tower on the Outer Rim world of Taris, where they all reluctantly took on apprentices.[3] Feln was assigned[6] a young Ho'Din[8] by the name of Oojoh,[6] who was recognized as a promising talent after bringing down the notorious Leverby smuggling ring while still just a Padawan.[8]

Dark prophecy[]

"I saw my death! How can I let pass a warning from the Force?"
―Feln, after his vision on the rogue moon[src]

In 3964 BBY, with the First WatchCircle's Padawans nearing their end of their training, Feln and the other Taris Masters took their charges to Taris' rogue moon, a listing planetoid that was constantly bombarded with meteors, for their final test. The Padawans were dropped on the other side of a long valley to traverse the dangerous terrain blind, using only the Force to see—while their apprentices roughed it across the moon, Feln and his compatriots took the opportunity to meditate under a deflector shield. Suddenly, without warning, all four members of the First WatchCircle were struck with a shared vision. Together, each seer saw the seeming destruction of the Jedi Order and the Galactic Republic, and their own deaths: Feln found himself back on his home planet of Odryn, his lightsaber replaced with an ordinary stick, before being slain by a mysterious figure in a red environment suit. Although each seer's premonition was different, the man in the red suit was a common thread, and Feln realized that the suit in the visions was identical to the ones their Padawans were wearing during the test. Taking that to mean one of the Padawans would bring about the doom they saw, Feln and Raana Tey advocated killing them all, right then and there. However, the characteristically Xamar protested, refusing to do anything until they had returned to Taris and consulted Coruscant. That intervention stayed their hands—after their apprentices passed the test, they instead returned to Taris and pretended nothing had changed.[1] Feln and his fellow Masters cloistered in the Jedi Tower for several days as they pondered their next move, and once everyone was satisfied with the Covenant's consent, they put together their plan to slay their Padawans.[9]

The aftermath of the Padawan Massacre.

The WatchCircle put their plan in motion shortly afterward, but it swiftly went awry. Feln and the Masters planned to execute the Padawans at a false Knighting ceremony after a banquet in the Jedi Tower, but Lucien Draay's Padawan, the bumbling Zayne Carrick, arrived late by crashing through a window in pursuit of local Snivvian criminal Marn Hierogryph. While Carrick cleaned up the mess, he noticed Hierogryph in the street below and gave chase, finally apprehending the Snivvian but making himself late to the ceremony in the process.[5] While they waited, however, Shad Jelavan, Q'Anilia's Padawan, realized that something was afoot: the fact that Master Draay had his lightsaber implied that the incompetent Carrick was going to be Knighted, which he did not believe. Although they tried to bluff their way around it, the Masters did not have their Padawans fooled, and ultimately had to strike their apprentices down sooner than they planned.[10] Carrick arrived shortly after to find his friends dead, and immediately fled the room as Feln and his compatriots gave chase. The pursuit soon spilled into the airways of the Upper City when Carrick reached his speeder, where Hierogryph was still cuffed in a sidecar. The Masters took to their own speeders, Feln riding with Xamar, as they pursued Carrick and Hierogryph through the streets—the chase eventually reached a dead-end in a nearby restaurant, where the trail went cold. Feln returned to the Jedi Tower afterward, where a call to Tarisian Constable Noana Sowrs pinned Carrick and Hierogryph for the murders and made them two of the most wanted fugitives in the Republic.[11]

Now with the entirety of the Taris Civil Authority at their back, Feln and the First WatchCircle plunged headlong into the manhunt for Zayne Carrick. One of their first forays took them into the rakghoul-infested wasteland known as the Undercity, after one of Q'Anilia's visions led them to believe that was where the two fugitives were headed. Feln and his compatriots battled through dozens of rakghouls but found no trace of their targets, with Q'Anilia concluding that the involvement of a wildcard such as Hierogryph could be clouding their ability to read the situation. The Masters managed, along with a sizable law enforcement contingent, to locate Carrick and Hierogryph soon afterward in a desolate Lower City junkyard known as Junk Junction. Feln dropped into the dump from a Taris Civil Authority personnel carrier, but before he was able to apprehend the pair, they managed to escape in a hidden junk hauler known as The Last Resort and once again leave their pursuers behind.[12] After a long game of cat-and-mouse, however, Carrick returned to Taris and turned himself in to local bounty hunter Valius Ying, who took him to face judgment at the Jedi Tower.[10] However, as the Masters prepared to finish what they started, Carrick's friends arrived on The Last Resort, rocking the Tower with blasterfire and helping Carrick escape while Feln fumbled for his lightsaber.[10]

Covenant afloat[]

"Send me, Lucien! I'll find the Talisman—and the kid! I owe him, now!"

Feln and the First WatchCircle are struck with a strange vision of the Muur Talisman.

Carrick's escape from the heart of the Jedi Tower humiliated the Order on Taris, and led to a breakdown of civil order on the planet. Amidst riots and lawlessness throughout the Tarisian cityscape, Feln and the Jedi were recalled to Coruscant, removing all presence from Taris entirely. Before they left the planet behind, however, they received a transmission from Carrick: a warning that he would hunt each and every one of them down until one of them confessed and cleared his name.[10] With Carrick's threat adding urgency to the hunt, Feln returned to the Draay Estate with his fellow Masters in a futile attempt to see Krynda, although they were perplexed to find that they were barred from entrance to the grounds. Afterward, the group was called in front of the Jedi High Council to address the events of the massacre. There, they were excoriated by Master Vrook Lamar, who revealed to them that not only would they be allowed to formally take part in the manhunt for Carrick, but that they all were being reassigned to separate postings.[3] Meanwhile, Carrick began his promised crusade, and amidst the Mandalorian invasion of Taris, Raana Tey became the first of the Covenant to fall. Feln and the rest of the First WatchCircle soon returned to the Draay estate to memorialize their fallen comrade, where they were all struck with a vision.[13]

Together, the Covenant saw Coruscant besieged by vicious rakghoul beasts, an end to civilization within an odd nexus of time, surrounded by unknown figures from the future—and Zayne Carrick. When they awoke, Lucien Draay stated his belief that a strange amulet that they had all seen was an ancient artifact known as the Muur Talisman, which they surmised to be in the rakghoul-infested Undercity of Taris, along with, perhaps, Carrick himself. Although Feln volunteered to travel to Taris himself to find the Talisman and take Carrick out, Draay instead opted to send one of the Covenant's Jedi Shadow agents, Celeste Morne.[13] However, that plan went utterly awry. After falling under the Talisman's influence, Morne instead opted not to return to the Covenant, instead sealing herself into a life-preserving oubliette in order to contain the artifact's dark power. Having come to sympathize with Carrick, Morne gave the fugitive Padawan the key to the Sanctum of the Exalted before she closed the lid, asking him to store her with the other artifacts gathered on Odryn.[14] Morne's fate was unknown to the Covenant, and Draay soon sent Feln back to Odryn to meet with Morne, hoping the presence of the Muur Talisman would flush Carrick into the open. Their hunch was right, as Feln returned to his homeworld to find Carrick and Hierogryph in the captivity of Borjak, who had found them attempting to sneak out of the Sanctum of the Exalted.[4]

Rumble in the jungle[]

"Your pirate friends—back to raid the Sanctum in force, like Lucien said! Not on my watch, do you hear me? Not on my watch!"
―Feln, immediately before destroying the Sanctum of the Exalted[src]

Feln battles Zayne Carrick in the ruins of his home village on Odryn.

Feln searched the pair of captives thoroughly, only finding several pieces of recording equipment—which Feln promptly destroyed—and Celeste Morne's key to the Sanctum, which led Feln to believe that Carrick had become consumed by the Talisman's dark power and had slain Morne. Feln made a holo-call to Draay after these developments, and surmising that Carrick intended to expose their secret collection of Sith artifacts to the Jedi Council, Draay ordered Feln to execute "Option Ossus"—the destruction of the Sanctum with previously-planted explosives—if it appeared Carrick might escape. Feln shuddered at the thought of having to destroy the Sanctum, and Draay's suggestion was countermanded by Krynda Draay's assistant Haazen, who had been monitoring the call and told Feln not to blow the charges under any circumstances. Furious and conflicted, Feln stormed off to first deal with Carrick. The Feeorin Jedi Master ordered Carrick and Hierogryph to be cut from their binds, making special care to hurl the fugitive Padawan's lightsaber as far away as he could throw it, and prepared to swiftly execute the Human—only to be interrupted by Borjak, who reminded Feln that according to Feeorin tradition, as Carrick had been inside the Sanctum of the Exalted, he could only be challenged to unarmed combat.[2]

Taking advantage of the distraction, Carrick quickly blindsided Feln, knocking the Jedi Master into the mud and fleeing into the jungle. However, Feln still quickly managed to regain the upper hand, and was about to end the Padawan's life when he was once again interrupted by Borjak—the ship The Last Resort, which had brought Carrick to Odryn, had once again been sighted at the edge of the system. Fearing that Carrick's friends had come to raid the Sanctum in force, Feln blew the charges and obliterated his people's most holy place. However, the sheer number of dark side artifacts contained in the structure escalated the explosion, creating an inferno that destroyed Feln's home village and killed many of his people. Feln survived the blast and still attempted to kill Carrick, only to find that his lightsaber had been switched with an ordinary stick,[2] matching the vision he had months before on the rogue moon of Taris.[1] At that moment, Feln was shocked to find a knife in his back. His assailant was Borjak, backed by several dozen surviving Feeorin tribesmen, who had come to turn on Feln for betraying his people. Although Feln argued that he could not be attacked with weapons as he had been in the Sanctum, Borjak retorted that since the Sanctum no longer stood, the rules no longer applied. Outnumbered, unarmed, Feln was defenseless as the warriors descended upon him and ripped him limb from limb—his fate sealed by a bit of slight of hand, as Hierogryph had been the one to swipe his lightsaber in the confusion.[2]

Personality and traits[]

"When he came back from studying on your worlds, everything changed. He flouted the Rime Feeorin—our ancient code—by opening our holiest place to outsiders. Even when it's closed to us."

Feln in his Jedi robes.

Rough-and-tumble in his approach to life, Feln was known as the experienced warhorse of the Jedi Covenant, as he was easily the oldest member of the First WatchCircle[6] and had built his reputation as a celebrated warrior before joining the Jedi Order.[4] Although Feln purposely kept elements of his past shrouded in mystery, he became close with the other members of the Covenant, especially Lucien Draay, who became one of his closest friends—a wisecracker with a wry sense of humor, Feln tried in vain for years to get the humorless Draay to crack a smile.[6] Feln also felt a closeness to Raana Tey, and deeply wanted to be the one to personally avenge her death by taking out Zayne Carrick,[13] whom he took part in mocking during his days as an apprentice,[1] and whom he greatly enjoyed torturing when he was briefly captive on Odryn.[2]

Over time, Feln came to be more loyal to the Jedi Covenant than he was to his own people. Although he continued to hold the role of Exalted among the Feeorin, Feln became increasingly invisible on his homeworld and flouted the Feeorins' ancient rules and traditions to further the Covenant's aims, including allowing outsiders to enter the Sanctum of the Exalted[4] and later—albeit reluctantly—destroying the structure entirely. Feln believed he was above the rules entirely, and attempted to change them to fit his liking while on Odryn. This was mostly to satiate his bloodlust for Zayne Carrick, as Feln immediately shifted the blame for his decision to destroy the Sanctum to the renegade apprentice after initially regretting it.[2] Feln was a ruthless pragmatist, ready to do what needed to be done at a moment's notice, and trusted in his visions to the point that he was immediately ready to kill his apprentice moments after foreseeing his death on the rogue moon.[1]

Feln had blue skin and orange eyes, with tendrils coming off of his head in place of hair.[2]

Powers and abilities[]

"And whoever heard of a Feeorin Jedi? But Feln is a natural."
―Krynda Draay[src]

A hulking, powerful giant compared to the rest of his fellows in the Jedi Covenant, Feln was a formidable warrior[2] who also possessed considerable natural talent in precognition, something that came in extremely handy during his days as a warrior on Odryn.[6] As a Jedi Consular, Feln focused primarily on cerebral Force skills,[9] with which he was a natural—although Jedi were unheard of among his people,[3] his talent was such that renowned teacher Krynda Draay jumped at the chance to train him.[6] Despite his focus as a seer, Feln certainly never ran from a fight, and as with all Feeorin, his power increased with age. Feln was legendary as a warrior on his home planet, drawing on his unacknowledged Force power to conquer all the neighboring Feeorin tribes and unite them under his banner, a feat that cemented his place as one of the most formidable fighters to ever hold the title of Exalted.[4] However, his close friend Lucien Draay managed to defeat him in training battles on Coruscant,[3] and he proved frustrated by Zayne Carrick's hit-and-run tactics in their final battle on Odryn. Feln was an able rider of the khadarok, a type of furry, horned beast often used by the Feeorin.[2]


Feln wielded a green-bladed lightsaber with a brown handle, although he found it to be out of reach in the last moments of his life, as Marn Hierogryph stole the weapon to help save his friend Zayne Carrick's life.[2] As a Jedi Master, Feln wore armored robes with a red cape.[13]

Behind the scenes[]

Feln first appeared in Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic: Commencement, the first story arc of the Knights of the Old Republic comic series, written by John Jackson Miller and released in 2006.[5] After playing a peripheral role for much of the series' run, Feln was one of the central points of the story arc Exalted, which Miller envisioned as Feln's story[15] and in which he was killed.[2] When coming up with Feln's character, Miller initially envisioned him as a king among his people, making him a type of cruder analogue to high society scion Lucien Draay.[15] Miller took the inspiration for Feln's name from his family, as the letters in his name are each two letters off from the first initials of Miller's four nieces and nephews: Daniel, Christopher, Joey and Laurie.[16] During his appearances in Knights of the Old Republic, Feln was illustrated by four different artists: Brian Ching,[17] Travel Foreman,[1] Scott Hepburn[13] and Bong Dazo.[2]



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